Can Someone Just Get the Keys?

posted by Momo Fali on September 3, 2012

I have been known to worry. A little. Okay, a lot. In all fairness to myself my worrying is not for naught, because I am also graced with really bad luck.

My husband is always quick to tell me to stop with the hand-wringing, already. Sure, it would be nice if he gently smacked my hands when I’m picking at my cuticles or if he would quietly tell me to have a seat if I’m pacing the floor. Instead he says, “Quit freaking out!” and leaves it at that.

Last week, we were getting ready to go to my mom’s house for dinner when my 13 year old daughter came downstairs wearing athletic shorts, a t-shirt, running socks and dressy, black flats.

I wouldn’t want her to have to go upstairs and change, or anything, because OH, THE EFFORT, but I couldn’t just let her walk out the door looking like that. I said, “You can’t wear those shoes with that outfit.”

She looked down and had apparently lost her vision, because she eyed her feet and then asked, “Why not?”

I shook my head. “Because! Do you really want someone to see you like that? What if we get in an accident on the way there?”

My husband countered with his anti-anxiety speech, “Seriously, you’re worried about that? What if I die on the way there!”

And even though no one asked him, my son looked at his dad and said, “Well, then I’d ask Mom to drive.”


  • Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

    It’s all about the logic, DAD.

  • Mom Off Meth

    Sounds exactly like my house. Hilarious.

  • Moon HalloranLeady

    Anxiety Ridden here too ~ feel your pain, sweet lady ~ there is rarely a day goes by that I don’t worry…worry….and worry some more

  • Sharon Graham

    Hilarious!! That younger kiddo of yours is just too funny…. and the older kiddo is too. Haha. ~Sharon

  • Melisa

    Makes perfect sense.

  • AlisonH

    He saves the day! Love it.

    (My 13-year-old daughters were always telling *me* they wouldn’t let me be seen with them in public wearing XYZ.)

  • Arnebya

    I cringe sometimes when my 11 yr old daughter emerges from her bedroom. She’s quite the, um, fashionista, that one (although sometimes I must admit she comes up with things that I actually have to smile at).

    And I’m still giggling at the dead while driving scenario.

  • Rumour Miller

    I’m already arguing with my 6 year old about her attire. Mismatched is not a big deal and I need to get over it.

    Your son is very witty!

  • Tara R.

    At least one person has a level head.

  • cyndy

    Such simple logic!

  • Ewokmama


  • meleahrebeccah

    Ahahahahahahahahaha! AHahHAhHAhaHAHhaHAH!

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