I Got Nothin’

posted by Momo Fali on October 10, 2012

Here’s what I could tell you; that I have a raging headache, that I threw my back out two days ago and have been working from bed, that I’m worried about my husband who has, what we think is, nerve damage, that I’m terrified about our money situation and wondering if it’s legal to sell your kidney, and that I can’t shake the memory of seeing our aunt the other day, at 96 years old and oh, so fragile, lying in her bed, knowing it was likely the last time I will see her on this earth.

Pretty much, I could tell you about lots of body parts, pain and dying. I’m also available for parties.

I could tell you that I’m sad there is a hole in my favorite pants, that it’s already too cold outside for my liking, or that I think I may have an addiction to peanut butter flavored cereal.

I might want to mention that I have one foot bigger than the other, my right leg is shorter than my left and that my house is never, ever clean. Ever.

Or, we can talk about how the worst thing I’ve ever attended was a monster truck rally, that I prefer white candles and silver jewelry, that I have the best readers anyone could ask for, or that there is nothing that feels quite as good as a hug (except maybe a margarita when it’s 75 degrees outside).

I could say that my kids amaze me EVERY SINGLE DAY, that my dad is funnier than your dad, and that my husband is the grumpiest, kind-hearted man you will ever meet. Oh, and that although I spend my day in yoga pants, despite never having done yoga, my favorite magazine is InStyle.

Or, I could just show you a picture of my son holding a giant mushroom.

Welcome to my brain.


  • Mom Off Meth

    I like you even more now.

  • cyndy

    I like your brain.
    I’m ready to kick 2012’s ass because it has really SUCKED for so many of us.

  • tara

    i have a rip in my favorite jeans too and have been contemplating for months now whether i should turn them into shorts or if it’s really that noticeable. (it’s definitely that noticeable, and yet i’m wearing them at work)

    i’m working on a blog post for a margarita! check tomorrow(it will be up, swears), it’s a really good and easy recipe

    you should keep the mushroom and have your son go as toadstool from mario!

    • tara

      *i meant have him go as toadstool for halloween….

  • Mama D

    I like your brain too. You are human and relatable. And my house is never ever clean either!!

  • Dumb {Squared}

    I like how your brain works.

  • Melisa

    I can’t believe you didn’t tell me any of this when we talked on the phone earlier. And I can’t believe I didn’t sense you were in bed. I have a radar for that kind of thing. 🙂

    On the bright side, your December looks pretty fantastic…

  • Jackie

    I can relate! Thanks for making me smile and seem normal! My house is never clean either. My desk isn’t either, but I think they say that is a sign of genius. still waiting…

  • Alexandra

    Absolutely the right choice: the giant mushroom.

    I mean, who wouldn’t?


  • Anne Weber-Falk

    That’s a big mushroom.

  • Arnebya

    My brain wants your brain to be its friend.

  • Laura in Little Rock

    I buy Captain Crunch Peanut Butter cereal… for my husband. So you’re in good company. Love the ‘shroom. Get a mushroom guide and take it on a hike. Tons of fun. If you’re weird like me.

  • Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

    I’m lucky to call you my friend.

    Or is it that you’re lucky to call me your friend?

    Either way, we’re lucky.

  • Shannon

    I don’t know. My dad is pretty funny.

    I love the look on your son’s face. The mushroom is pretty cool, too.

  • Rhea

    Sounds like you have a lot going on and a lot of worrying. I’m so sorry, I know that place of worry, I’m there all the time. It has the worst customer service, yet I find myself going back again and again.

    On the other hand, that’s the LARGEST mushroom I’ve ever seen!

  • Amie

    Here’s how MY brain works: I read “I’m sad there is a hole in my favorite pants” as “I’m sad there is a hole in my favorite parts.” And it made sense to me.

  • Karen

    Love that pic, Momo!

  • muffintopmommy

    My fave jeans split near my crotch last week! Right in the chub rub aka upper thigh area! So not only am I out my fave jeans, even my jeans hollered at me that they’ve been abused by my lack of in shape-ness. Lucky jeans my ass. The only lucky thing is it happened in my kitchen and not out in the carpool line!!!

    I know this is TMI, but I am feelin’ some of your pain, girl! Better days ahead. And if not, I happen to know margaritas are damn tasty inside too!

  • meleahrebeccah

    I love you and your brain. XOXOXOX

  • Tara R.

    Your brain seems like a cool place to hang out. We could hang out and swap stories. I’ll bring the snacks.

  • Mare

    Ha! Today is not your day. Love that picture of your son. What a face! I’ve had back issues and they really debilitate you, so I sympathize. Here’s hoping you have a restful weekend. My house is never clean either. I’ve decided, in the long run, it’s not that important. Feel better. 🙂

  • Zak

    His face just made my day.

  • EmmaK

    Your brain sounds like a fun place. And think you didn’t even need to take acid!! Working from home sounds awesome.

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