Day 16 – Writing Like a G6

posted by Momo Fali on November 16, 2012

Four years ago I was asked to speak at my church for fundraising purposes. We had created a committee who was in charge of acquiring funds to help integrate special needs children, like mine, into typical settings. I got up in front of three different masses, full of hundreds of people, told our story and then asked for money.

I had spent weeks writing my speech. Literally. Weeks. I wrote it, rewrote it, then rewrote it again. I practiced it, took stuff out, practiced more, added it back. I’ve seen dissertations take less time.

Since then I’ve done a lot of writing. Granted, it’s blog writing, but still.

This weekend I am talking again. This time at four masses. One of them is tomorrow and I JUST wrote my speech.

And, darn if I didn’t knock that sucker out in about 17 minutes.


  • meleahrebeccah


  • Arnebya


  • tara

    That is the best feeling!

    Good luck!

  • Casey

    YES! This rules.

  • Amie

    If anybody could get me to go to church, it would be you…but I’m going to see the new Twilight movie. I may be going to hell, but it will be a hell full of sparkly vampires.

  • Angie

    And you did a wonderful job!! My kids kept staring at me because I was trying not to sob out loud.

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