Day 19 – Random Tidbits

posted by Momo Fali on November 19, 2012

I missed posting yesterday, but I spent over 12 hours of my weekend doing volunteer work for three different committees and/or organizations. Unless you left food on your front porch to be picked up, needed food delivered, or are a special needs kid, I didn’t have time to get to you. Now you should count your blessings.

My husband and I got into an argument tonight. About stuffing. Then we went grocery shopping together, because nothing makes an argument better than going to a crowded store a few days before Thanksgiving and buying the stuffing ingredients over which you just fought.

We have relatives coming in town this weekend, which means I’ve been busy moving boxes and random junk from one room to our bedroom and wishing that I had time to repaint the house from top to bottom. Also, refinish some tables. And floors.

My daughter is a Science Lab assistant at her school and they had to bury a dead fish the other day. She and some other kids sang “Amazing Grace” over the grave.

We toured our daughter’s future high school yesterday. Gulp.

Then I ate so many tortilla chips that my lips felt like I went swimming in the Dead Sea.

I pulled my left glute muscle doing rear step lunges. The exercise looked like this, though I DON’T look like this. But, I did have a 30 lb. dumbbell, so clearly she needs to work out more.

From Exercise

My rear step lunge looks impressive, doesn’t it? It wasn’t. It mostly involved me saying, “Ow!” and holding my left butt cheek a lot. You’re welcome.

A friend and I started a “world tour” of beers at a local bar. On Friday, we visited France, Belgium, and Brooklyn, then I headed to Mexico and she went to Canada. I hate to say that the worst of the lot came from Brooklyn, but I will. Because it did. What’s up with that, Brooklyn? You need to represent!

And now I’m pretty sure you would all like me to go back to volunteering.


  • meleahrebeccah

    “Then I ate so many tortilla chips that my lips felt like I went swimming in the Dead Sea.”

    That made me laugh out loud for real. You rock for all the volunteer work you do. And also, good luck hosting Thanksgiving. I hope the stuffing gets made the way YOU like it. XOXO

  • vicki

    You are one funny chickita. I laughed out loud at the randomness of this post. Now don’t cry to me about stuffing when I’ve yet to figure out how to make a decent batch of GF stuffing mmmmkay?

  • AlisonH

    Thank you for doing the volunteer work, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    My stuffing story: years ago, T-day, the stuffing was finished and in our small kitchen was put at the back of the stove where the warm air from the oven below blew on it, keeping it warm till dinner time. Only, it took a lot longer than we thought, and that stuffing was probably warm for two hours.

    That night, our toddler and three year old started barfing. Then my husband did. I didn’t, but I had the most severe headache I had ever had in my life–didn’t sleep all night because of it, got up in the morning and collapsed on the floor from the pain of that headache–I thought.

    I was four and a half months pregnant. We had carbon monoxide poisoning and no idea. I called poison control to ask if the furniture in the basement we’d refinished the morning before could be putting off fumes like that? They asked questions and then asked if we could get ourselves to the hospital or did we need ambulances?

    We survived. The baby I was pregnant with did, too, but it was all a very near thing.

    And I have never liked stuffing since.

  • AlisonH

    (And yeah, just to clarify, I thought it was food poisoning.)

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