Day 20 – Let it Go

posted by Momo Fali on November 20, 2012

My husband is cleaning the bathrooms right now. I am preparing to go upstairs and open all of the windows so I can get away from the bleach he has sprayed on the surface of everything. My nostril hairs are burning.

It was one of the things I loved about him when we first lived together; his Naval training had taught him how to clean a mean bathroom.

Of course, while I was a SAHM that was (mostly) my duty and the whole house was a lot cleaner back in those days. I remember picking up every toy after the kids went to bed. I can’t even fathom that I had that much time on my hands.

Now I work a lot and my husband works a lot, and our kids are involved in all kinds of activities, and we are involved in all kinds of activities. My house is rarely, if ever, clean.

So, in addition to the massive amount of yardwork he does throughout the year, my husband chips in with the housework (and laundry) sometimes too. As awesome as it is to have a well-scrubbed kitchen floor, it is hard for me to let the housework go. I feel like it’s still my job.

But, it isn’t. It’s our job now. And, I will try not to feel guilty, or criticize, because he is doing it.

Just don’t tell him I took all the towels off the bathroom shelf and refolded them.


  • Arnebya

    It used to surprise me when friends would seem shocked when saying, “Your husband helps with laundry?” Um, helps? No. He lives here. It’s not MY job plus they’re his drawers. It’s like saying he’s babysitting his own kids when I’m not here. But. I get your point. And it’s nice to have someone to share the household upkeep with. I am having issues delegating to my girls. It would help, yes, to have them do more chores than the few they do. BUT. OMG did you just put the knives to dry blade up? Never mind, I’ll do it. (Just like your towels.)

  • meleahrebeccah

    HA! I always redo the cleaning and the towel folding around here too!

  • tara

    I was blessed with a husband that is practically OCD about cleaning, so he vacuums and will sometimes clean the bathroom just because it bugs him.

    This is awesome and I know how lucky I am after living with a brother and other ex boyfriends that sucked at even noticing dirt.

    But I definitely put the dishes WHERE THEY BELONG after he puts them in the wrong cabinets. And I refuse to match socks because it makes me want to stab someone. I’ll fold everything else, swearsies.

  • Laura in Little Rock

    AGH! Why is refolding the towels universal?!!? Of all the things in the world to bond over, we were all taught to fold the towels in a particular way. My husband folds things into “squarish” shapes and calls it good. I generally prefer that my folded clothing have fewer wrinkles than the stuff pulled from the laundry heap. I truly don’t think he notices…

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