Day 26 – Epic

posted by Momo Fali on November 26, 2012

Well, you have to admit – when I fail, I fail big.

I forgot about blogging somewhere between preparing for Thanksgiving dinner (which included my brining a turkey and making homemade pumpkin pie…take THAT, Martha!), four days of single-parenthood while my husband was visiting with my brother-in-law, putting up the Christmas decorations, the Ohio-State Michigan game and four nights worth of overnight guests (and I know they’re reading this, so I feel I should say that I LOVE having them here…really…*waves* *blows kisses*…I enjoy their company and it forces me to clean, so bonus) (except I didn’t get to enjoy their company because all I did was clean, so bonus negated).

There’s always next year, right?

Plus, I kind of have an addictive personality and I have been desperately trying to focus my addiction on exercise and nutrition. *gnaws kale* With the exception of a LOT of beer over the past few days, I didn’t go overboard. If you count the beer, then I went overboard and nearly drowned. The good thing is that I had enough empties to build a raft. I blame football.

Although I let my blogging slide, I still made it to the gym twice over the weekend. Excuse me while I puff up my chest. Now, excuse me while I stop puffing up my chest because it hurts my pecs too much.

And, it’s nice to have the Christmas decorating finished. We put everything up the day after Thanksgiving and it all comes down the day after Christmas. My daughter’s birthday is at the end of December, and because she gets completely cheated out of birthday presents each year, it’s the least we can do to make sure there isn’t a lit tree trying to steal her birthday cake’s thunder.

So yeah, I failed at NaBloPoMo, but I win at decorating, sore muscles and beer drinking.

Which, clearly, makes me a winner.


  • tara

    You are clearly a winner for so many reasons. You went to the gym TWICE on Thanksgiving weekend!? Win. Cheers to being able to kick Martha Stewart’s ass in the decorating/house department AND in the arm wrestling department.

  • Anna Hettick

    Twice? on a holiday weekend? The gym? You are definitely a winner. 🙂

  • Liz

    I also have a kid celebrating a birthday in between Christmas and New Years, but the decorations stay up sometimes until Valentine’s Day because…you know …we decorate with lots of red. What? Fiiiiiine, you win 🙂

  • AlisonH

    Half-birthday celebrations are good for us December babies too. While not missing the real ones. Double the cakes and celebrations!

  • Missy

    I’m not sure whether to be more impressed that you can build a life raft out of beer bottles, or because you made it to the gym twice this weekend. Either way, you are a winner for sure!

  • Arnebya

    You are a winner for so much more than what you’ve listed here, so yay for you! (I am backing away from your decorations, though, because I’ll be lucky if our tree is up a full week before Christmas.)

  • meleahrebeccah

    Well, good for you for sticking with the Gym and NOT going too over board on Thanksgiving. Beer never counts. And I’m glad you enjoyed time with your family, which is always more important than any blogging challenge. IMHO.

  • Casey

    You are totally a winner. I love this post.

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