Day 5 – I Got Nothin’ Redux

posted by Momo Fali on November 5, 2012

Here’s what I could tell you; that it’s sometimes exhausting to raise a special needs child. It’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and if you mess with my son, I will go all Mama Bear Advocate on you until you stop. I will also say bad things about you on Facebook.

I could tell you that my cousin is very sick. That she was pretty much fine and then was suddenly diagnosed with THREE DIFFERENT types of cancer and is in critical care. Get your papsmears, ladies. Make a note and schedule it as soon as you possibly can.

I could mention that I can never, ever get the laundry done all in one day like my husband can and that he constantly rubs it in my face. Or, I could talk about how I don’t understand why The Voice is on EVERY night.

Maybe I’ll mention how hard it is to be vegan with Twix bars in the house, that I could buy a new pair of shoes just about every day or that I wish I were a piano virtuoso.

I could say that I think guilt is an incomparable emotional experience and if you don’t have any, then you’re not someone I want as a friend. If you don’t feel guilty about something, then you don’t care enough. Or, I could say that my dog is the best snuggler in the world. For real.

Or I could just show you a picture of my 78 year old mother beating my daughter at arm wrestling.

I’m 41 years old and my mom still scares me.


  • Melisa


    I’m sorry you had a bad day. And I love you, even though my phone call didn’t make it into your post. (haha j/k)

  • Melisa

    By the way, I feel guilty for the last part of that comment. πŸ™‚

  • Momo Fali

    Don’t be downin’ your comment!

    • Melisa

      Au jus!

  • Nan |

    Next time someone messes with your son send in your 78 year old mother — she’s got pipes.

    (Came via twitter, following nablopomo hashtags)

  • tara

    Haha that picture is awesome!

    And you deserve to go Mama Bear on someone freaking out on your son. Special needs or otherwise. Now I want to go read what you wrote on Facebook πŸ™‚

    And The Voice is sooo annoying! Not only is it on like every night, but it’s 3 hours long! Or it feels like it is….

    I have so much guilt my sister wonders what’s wrong with me since she went to Catholic school and I didn’t.

  • andy

    Your mom rocks!

  • Anna Hettick

    Well now while I like to watch the Voice I too wonder why the heck it needs to be on every freakin night!!

    And being mama bear is perfectly ok. πŸ™‚

  • LceeL

    Sorry to hear about your cousin. That bites. And your Mom is just cool.

  • Shannon

    Adding “beat my grandchild at arm wrestling when I’m 78” to my bucket list.

  • Arnebya

    Moms are supposed to remain scary to some degree, right? To always know a mother’s wrath could come? Psh. My mother corners the market on that. Sweet as strawberries ‘n’ Cool Whip one minute and wait, bitch, what? the next.

    I have so much guilt I feel guilty writing about my guilt. Also, tell your husband laundry was not MEANT to be finished in one day.

  • Colleen

    Your mom is pretty awesome.

    Or… your daughter needs to eat her spinach!

  • Zak

    Momo’s mom is a badass. I’m so not surprised.

    So sorry about your cousin, eff cancer.

  • meleahrebeccah

    “I could talk about how I don’t understand why The Voice is on EVERY night.”

    RIGHT? What the heck is THAT about.

    And your mom is awesome. That is all.

  • JJ

    Thats an awesome picture πŸ™‚

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