Day 8

posted by Momo Fali on November 8, 2012

I don’t have a title for this post, because this post isn’t going to say much and if it does, it will be incoherent. Fair warning.

It’s been a pretty messed-up week, with my cousin’s death, my son being bullied, the craziness of the election, and realizing that my patience and tolerance-levels have come to an abrupt halt.

One good thing is that I’ve found the need to kick and hit things, so I’ve ended up at the gym four times this week. Unfortunately I found myself in the cabinet tearing into bags of chips with more frequency, too.

I can tell you that I’ve seen a lot of changes in myself recently; some good, some bad, but all growth and possibilities and dealing with pain just makes the possibilities even better.

Through the craziness, one thing is clear; I have great friends and a wonderful family. I have fabulous readers, many of whom I’ve never met, who reached out to me to say they are here. It makes my heart hurt in so many lovely ways.

And, knowing that people are (mostly) kind? That is what gets me through to Day 9.


  • tara

    Hugs to you, Momo!

    If I could shrink into being a kid, I would totally be your son’s friend and help him show those bullies what’s up.

    You deserve to hit things and eat chips when you are having a shit week.

  • Melisa

    Just hugs.

  • Jamie@southmainmuse

    I so sorry for the loss of your cousin. I pray for all friends and family who are grieve her passing. And some love your way too.

  • Mama D

    Sorry you are having such a horrible, rotten week…sending good thoughts your way. Chips and hitting things are both good survival mechanisms in a tough time! One of the many reasons I love the martial arts classes I take are that they give me a priceless opportunity to blow off steam by kicking and hitting things three days a week, so I totally hear you on that. And for the record, the reason all three of my kids take taekwondo too is that the eldest hit a rough patch with bullies…I’ve told them all that I don’t want to hear about them starting anything, but that I will have their backs 110% if they finish what someone else started using what they’ve learned in TKD class. Bullies suck.

  • Chris

    Always Here. ;D

  • Laura in Little Rock

    Didn’t dawn on me until today, but if this confluence of bad events began about the time Tanis’ luck improved, you’d better find out HOW she shipped it to you and start working your own exorcism. Hell, she even got it past customs, so there has to be a way…

  • andy

    ugh…. I hope this weekend is a turning point for you.

  • Alexandra

    The truth of life can be so unbearable. And so hard to understand.

    We’re never the same after tragedy. We laugh, one day, but it’s a different laugh. One with a piece of our heart focused elsewhere.

    I’m so sorry, Momo.


  • Shannon

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your cousin and for the crappy week that you have had. Sending you warm, comforting thoughts and wishes for a better week to come.

  • Rhea


  • meleahrebeccah

    Oh, honey. Big fat hugs to you. XOXO

  • AlisonH

    Now your son will always have his big cousin to look out over him.

    I’m so sorry, though… *hugs*

    And re the election? Monday, a friend of mine posted that his power company had just run an ad on TV; Wes mused that some politician out there was going to find out tomorrow they’d lost the race because they hadn’t bought that one last bit of airspace.

  • Liz

    Better late than never: hugs!!!

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