Making the School Year Run Smoothly

posted by Momo Fali on November 29, 2012

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned that Tyson® Any’tizers® has a School Year Survival Guide on Facebook? Well, I’ve been taking it very seriously. Amid the many family, school, sports and church activities – we are SURVIVING!

After doing an internet search for tools to increase productivity and studying the many options, I’ve realized that the most important part of getting through the school year is taking care of … ME.

That’s right. Call me selfish, but I know that if I’m not functioning well, no one in my house is functioning well. I’m actually the type of person who shuts down when I’m overwhelmed and then I get nothing done. Don’t be jealous.

Obviously, this doesn’t bode well for my family. Sometimes that means no one looked over their homework and other times it means they have to dig their dirty uniform from the laundry pile. When things get really bad, I might even forget that my daughter is serving Thanksgiving mass until 15 minutes before she’s supposed to be there and then we run around like crazy people trying to put on acceptable clothing and pull half-baked pumpkin pies from the oven so we can leave the house without it burning down.


My point is, that Tyson® Any’tizers® School Year Survival Guide is right on the money because one entire section is dedicated to “Rejuvenation Tips for Mom and Dad.” The four tips listed there are the exact things I need to do to keep myself and, therefore, my family running smoothly.

1. Make time for yourself. Go to dinner with a friend, curl up in your bed with a good book, take a photography class.

2. Get moving. Nothing reduces my stress level like exercise. Nothing.

3. Write it out. Put your feelings (or your to-do list) down on paper. I like to say that it gets my brain unjumbled.

4. Get out of the office. I work from home, which is technically like getting out of TWO offices. Don’t underestimate the benefit of a quick walk around the block.

More than anything, know that sometimes it’s impossible to do it all. Give yourself a break. Your family will thank you for it.


  • Arnebya

    #1 be hard, yo. #2 is true for me as well. #3 is just as hard as #1 sometimes depending on the subject (but I guess I should remind myself that I don’t have to share what I write).

  • Mom Off Meth

    You are so right. It is like when they say to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Can’t help anyone if you are dead right? Very good reminder and oh so important.

  • meleahrebeccah

    “I’m actually the type of person who shuts down when I’m overwhelmed and then I get nothing done”

    ME TOO! I’ve also learned how to say, NO, in order to take care of what’s really important, like MYSELF.

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