List Mania; Not Necessarily in That Order

posted by Momo Fali on December 8, 2012

Remember the good old days, in November, when I posted every day? Well, except for that six day period around Thanksgiving and the other couple of times I missed, but other than that – every day.

Things are eight shades of crazy around here. We have something big planned. BIG, I tell ya’! And, we’re excited. That’s all I can tell you right now, mostly because I’m paranoid that something will go wrong if I do. Actually, now I’m paranoid that something will go wrong because I said I’m paranoid that something will go wrong. *head pops off*

Oh, and there’s this:

I’m honored to be on this list with some of the best mom-bloggers in the world. Can I get a “woot!” I need to make a list of the best mom-bloggers who aren’t on that list, because we need more lists! I am not paranoid about lists, so that’s good. I should find something about lists to worry about.

I was shocked to find out the lyrics to The Kinks’ song, “Destroyer” don’t say, “Paranoia, will destroy ya,'” they say, “Paranoia, the destroyer.” I’ve been using that line for 30 years. I’ll have to add that to the list of lyrics I’ve gotten wrong. Yay! Another list.


Speaking of lists, how’s your Christmas shopping going? I’ve barely even started. I’m going to make a list for that today too. Right after I pull all of my hair out.


  • Melisa

    Wait, THEY DON’T SAY “Paranoia will destroy ya????” I sing it that way, too!!!

  • vicki

    Tell us dammit!

  • Christina

    Christmas shopping has not started yet. Luckily my family all likes gift cards, so a quick trip to Kroger can take care of a lot of it.

    What’s the big news? I want to know!! (And let’s do lunch soon!)

  • Toni

    WOOT! WOOT! You deserve it!

    I’m always afraid I’m going to “jinx” things too, unless I’m in charge, then I know they’ll be perfect!

  • tara

    Nice work! You totally deserve that award!

    I hate when lyrics get it wrong-the way I sing it is OBVIOUSLY right. 🙂

  • lisa

    Well…Congrats..Im so NOT 100, I subscribe to tons of blogs, but yours is far one of my Fav’s…Don’t ever stop blogging! Hugs!

  • mare

    congratulations on the award! Always nice to see that your “mothering” is award-worthy. SO much of being a mom goes unnoticed.
    I’m about half way done w/ xmas shopping. I do so much online, and create/bake so many gifts, I’m really not in the stores much. THAT is worth a WOOT! WOOT!

  • meleahrebeccah

    hell yes you can get a “wooooooot!”

  • Arnebya

    You gots a woot coming from me! And list shmist for Christmas. I bought the boy a pair of Spider Man pajamas about a month ago. That is the extent of my shopping thus far.

  • Diane Tarantini

    Congrats on the award, Momo. That’s awesome:)

    My Christmas shopping is going nicely, thanks for asking. I am preparing to hit up Amazon shortly though. The kids have WAY more stuff than Papa right now, so that must be rectified. I’m thinking a new lunch box (’cause his 20+ year old Dallas Cowboy one is looking pretty ratty), some designer tighty-whities, and gourmet artisanal salames will do the trick. But really, I’m pretty sure his favorite thing is going to be the Husqvarna weed whacker–a real MAN GIFT. Anyone wanna volunteer to wrap the thing?

  • AlisonH


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