Random Realizations: Christmas Shopping Edition

posted by Momo Fali on December 21, 2012

1. Amazon is awesome because they will have all of the last minute gifts you need and ship them to you for free!

2. Very sneaky, Amazon (said in the voice of the boy in the Connect Four commercial from 1981). Because a lot of your free-shipping items have bumped-up base prices.

3. Bath and Body Works scents are lovely on their own.

4. Bath and Body Works stores are instant headache-givers because they cause nostril overload.

5. The line at Dick’s Sporting Goods on a Monday afternoon, one week before Christmas, will rival any Black Friday line you’ve ever seen.

6. Dick’s Sporting Goods will be the only place that has the item you need. *shakes fist at major sportswear company*

7. Target, you’re a jerk.

8. Okay, not really. We love you. (But, just once, I would like to get away from your check-out counters without having spent $75 when all I really wanted was a roll of paper towels. Your nail polish is very strategically placed. I’m on to you.)

9. Whole Foods is a very dangerous place to walk into with a credit card.

10. It’s never too early in the day for rum and egg nog. And you should go ahead and give your husband a double before you tell him you went to Whole Foods.


  • Arnebya

    Oh boy. I don’t even go into Whole Foods; it’s pointless. HERE JUST TAKE MY MONEY, TAKE IT. And Target. My poor soul in Target. DAMN THOSE CUTE CARDIGANS! And Amazon isn’t the only ones who do that. I stopped shopping in Express years ago when I noticed the clothes hadn’t gotten better but the prices were magically high as a giraffe’s ass. But. The other day I happened past the store and fell in love with a shirt. Its tag read $39. It was very thin for $39 so I left it there. And then I dreamed about it. I go to order it online and ooh look! It’s Friends and Family time 40% OFF! Yahoo! Except now the shirt is $49. I ordered it anyway. It’s too big. Womp womp womp

  • Liz

    We have rum AND eggnog. It is going to be a great day :). Merry Christmas, Momo and family!

  • tara

    Nostril overload at B&BW is right!

    Target is totally a jerk. But so awesome. But also jerky and strategic. There must be something in the air they pump into the stores…

    Oh god rum and egg nog how I love you.

  • Toni

    So jealous! Have to drive all the way to Miami for Whole Foods! And take a cooler! Love love LOVE that store! Target too, guess maybe I’m lucky?

  • cyndy

    I got out of Target today having spent (just barely) under $100. I was proud! I was highly amused by a couple walking away from the Dollar Bins; the husband was leading the wife by the arm and saying “Walk away. Just WALK AWAY.”

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