Dear Target,

Let me state from the outset that I love you. I love you so much that I visit at least twice a week and even if I only went in for paper towels, I give the cashier $75. Every time.

But, can we please talk about these ads for your Everyday Collection?

I’m all for edgy, but I find them downright bizarre. If you want to accurately portray a PTA mom, you should show her frazzled and running to the store at the last minute to buy pre-packaged cookies, IF she remembered the cookies at all. And trust me, she wouldn’t be wearing those heels.

And, how about this one?

Are women only about baking and changing diapers? Really? I don’t know about you, but it’s 2013 at my house. Show me a woman with a drill, free weights, or a car battery. Okay, I’m lying about the car battery, because I have NO CLUE how to change one of those. BUT I COULD FIGURE IT OUT IF I HAD TO.

Better yet, show me a man changing the diapers or baking a cake. That’s what I want to see. If you want to see a woman get excited about something, it’s having a man in your “Everyday” who flexes his muscles in the kitchen or while emptying the Diaper Genie. RAWR.

You’re better than this, Target. Continue to show that a woman can be strong and confident in her everyday life, but let’s give her a little credit so my 14 year old daughter knows that her future isn’t just about cake mix and baby bottoms.

And, if you’re going to have women portray moms while wearing all white I think it’s clear that the best thing to advertise would be a giant bottle of bleach.

Disclosure: I should have mentioned that Target is a customer of my employer BlogHer, Inc., but this opinion is my own; both the love of the brand and the critique of this particular ad.

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  • Just Jen

    I couldn’t agree more!!!!!

  • Cris Goode (@crisgoode)

    This makes me so sad. Target used to have really fun and recognizable commercials and for the last several years they have went completely off into left field. This is ridiculous. I hadn’t seen them yet… but seriously- who do they think this appeals to?

  • tracy@sellabitmum

    Yes! And what mom wears white shorts? Ever???

  • Mr Lady



    • Zak


  • Headless Mom

    Funny. Those ads aren’t playing here: I’ve never seen them.

    And yes, they’re pretty stupid.

  • Kristi Saxton

    Totally agree!!

  • tracey

    I am the minority because I thought they were a riot! I haven’t seen them though. Probably because I fast forward through them…

  • tara

    Oh my god those are awful! I haven’t seen them before, but yeah, what the hell?! They should definitely have a man doing that diaper changing.

    And the bottle of bleach part made me laugh. Nobody should wear that much white. Ever.

  • Shannon

    What? Don’t you wear bright shiny lipstick every time you bake a cake?

  • Always Home and Uncool

    Start by hiring ad/marketing people who stop spouting 25 year old research that “you know, women make 98.37% of the purchasing decisions in the household.” Though, I did like the one of the the women in the dress/heels climbing the crazy ladder to change a light bulb. My Love won’t even empty the bathroom garbage when it’s overflowing because it’s “small stuff.”

  • cardinal

    i think they’re very cool…and, considering that you showed only two of many, i think they actually demonstrate that women can (and do) do it all…maybe i don’t wear white while i do it all, because i live in black…but i HAVE, in fact, baked a cake in my cherry red lipstick. oh well…to each her own đŸ™‚

  • Patty

    Insert eyeroll here! Seriously these ads are laughable. I like your idea of car battery, drill or weights. Shame on Target. These haven’t air in my neck of the woods yet.

  • Robin

    Whoa! These are off kilter in so many ways, I can’t even begin to quantify it. Right off the bat? How about the cowgirl crotch shot and dropping to her knees in the diaper ad. How did they define their audience? Once again MoMo, good job.

  • Toni

    Haven’t seen them either, have always thought a career in advertising looks interesting, I mean just look at some of the commercials ?!?!?

  • meleahrebeccah

    “Better yet, show me a man changing the diapers or baking a cake. That’s what I want to see.”

    Yes, please.

  • Amie

    This is why I don’t bake. I’m not nearly fashionable enough.

  • Markets32

    Apparently, they work. People are talking about the commercials. Most ads depict unrealistic situations with a lot of the same old talking points. The cake is moist, detergent is new and approved, and my sugar filled gummy treats have juice in them. We have all seen talking heads pretending to represent working stiffs. These commercials are not pretending anything. They are filmed beautifully with models stolen from cosmetic commercials. It completely sets them apart with little talking, no pitching, attention grabbing music, all to let you know these products you already know about are here at Target.

    In case you haven’t noticed, cosmetic and hair commercials never use the mom faces chasing down kids. They sell the fantasy that we can achieve the model/actress results with their product. I would love to see the diaper commercial where the inevitable urine splash gets wiped off but the makeup is fine.

  • Keri

    I am in media and a mom like you. Here is a link to my 1 minute response as far as real women and the Target ads.

  • Bekkah

    I’m all for equality etc, but come on, these commercials are just hilarious. Get over it.

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