A Torn Uvula – NSFQ (Not Suitable for the Queasy)

posted by Momo Fali on February 7, 2013

The Scene: 8th Grade Girls vs. Moms Basketball Game, Sometime Before I Did a Deep-Lunge and Traveled at the Same Time

The Culprit: Happy New Year Cardboard Horn for Use in Cheering for Mom’s Team

The Victim: My 10 Year-Old Son, Previously of Putting-His-Teeth-Through-His-Chin Fame and Known for Stopping a Skateboard with His Face

The Incident: A Fall While Holding the Horn in His Mouth, and a Traumatic Injury to the Uvula

The Result: Advil for Both of Us and an Extra Serving of Zoloft for Mom


  • Melisa

    I thought you were kidding on Facebook. OMG.


  • Colleen - @amadisonmom


    ack, ugh, ick, bleck, ouch.

  • Liz



  • Colleen - @amadisonmom

    Ana asked “what happened to that boy?”
    So we scrolled through the picture a couple times while I told and re-told the story.
    Each time I’d get to the last picture she would gag… and then say “I don’t like that picture… tell me again what happened to that boy.”


    • Momo Fali

      My mom told him a story about a boy who fell with a pinwheel in his mouth and how it WENT UP INTO HIS SINUSES. He kept asking her to tell it over and over. Wackadoo II.

  • Toni

    Oh Adam….now I know why straws always scared me! The kids did not believe me…saving that image!

  • tara

    Ahhhhhhh! That looks awful! Now I know why my dad would never let us run with things in our mouth like lollipops! Or horns.

    Did you guys win? 🙂

  • Amie

    I was THERE–how in the hell did I not see his accident with the party horn? Oh wait–probably because I was already too traumatized by the deep lunge/traveling/linebacker playing basketball scenario.

  • Clare

    I know that you said not for the faint of heart, next time I will take you more seriously. OMG! You’ll need to follow up and tell us what actually had to be done. That looks so sore… Shutter. Never showing this to my husband.

  • Arnebya

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO didn’t need the visual (said through squinted eyes.)

  • Mr Lady

    My blood hurts.

  • Karen

    Ouchie! When I was a kid, I was jumping from the armrest of a chair into the seat, and banged my mouth on the other armrest, splitting the string-like think that attaches your upper lip to your upper gum on the inside of your mouth (go ahead, stick your tongue up there and feel it). Those stitches were NOT FUN.

  • Tracy Beckerman

    Wow. That is just all kinds of nasty. I actually have a problem with just the word “uvula.” I always confuse it with that other word for that thing further south. In fact, one time I went to the doctor and he looked in my throat and said, “Wow. that is the biggest uvula I have ever seen.” I said. “No kidding? You can see ALL THE WAY down to THERE?”

  • Zak

    So something my kids would do.

  • cyndy

    All I can think is OUCH!

  • Mare

    Oh, poor baby! Looks so painful. Maybe milkshakes for awhile?

  • AlisonH

    Ouch. (Understatement. And how.)

  • meleah rebeccah


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