Question of the Day XVI

posted by Momo Fali on February 11, 2013

So, you know how you go downstairs to do laundry because you’re out of underwear, and realize that the trash can full of dryer lint has been knocked down every time you’ve gone to the basement for the last two weeks, and you know the only logical explanation is that there is a critter causing the trouble, or a ghost, and you’re hoping it’s a ghost, and then your husband goes outside and finds a flat tire, and while he’s changing the spare tire, he spills all of his coffee, so he makes more coffee, then he spills that too, so you don’t get any coffee and neither does he, and then you look in the mirror to see the painful spot on your ear where you thought your glasses were rubbing you is actually a big zit, then you get a phone call from your son’s school telling you that he can’t participate in any of the Mardi Gras celebrations because he’s not being responsible, and you’re all, “I KNOW! I don’t know what to do with him! I even write ‘BE RESPONSIBLE’ on his napkin every day!” and you want to cry because you really don’t know what to do with him, and you secretly wish it was wine o’clock, and then your daughter comes home from school with a migraine?

Yeah, me too.


  • Arnebya

    I wake up wishing it were bedtime. I wish I could hug you. I’d feel you up just because.

    • Momo Fali

      I wake up and wish it were bedtime all the time!

    • tara

      Hahahhaah yes! This comment rocks.

  • Carolyn Dingman

    Wow. That is a seriously sucky Monday. Where you murdering kittens or something over the weekend?

    • Momo Fali

      Nope, and I’m actually considering a cat for the critter problem. I hate cats, but it seems the lesser of two evils.

  • Liz

    Would it help to tell you that my oldest girls steal all my clean underwear? Which, in our house, means that they have not done their laundry and are THAT desperate. No? Okay, then (((hugs))) and you’re only 2.5 hours away from wine o’clock (here in Jersey, anyways) hang in there.

    • Momo Fali

      Eastern Time FTW!

  • Melinna

    HIlarious. Sad. More hilarious than sad. Damn that ghost!

  • vicki

    I read this entire post without taking a breath. You are funny even on a crappy day. That should make you feel a little better.

  • tara

    Sorry Momo!! That sounds like the worst Monday ever. But it did make me laugh.

    You should totally get a cat for your ghost problem.

  • Tara R.

    Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Hope your day get better.

  • BusyDad

    Wasn’t life so much easier in the good old days of two weeks ago at Dad2.0, when I could just text you “beer. now.”

  • Toni


  • Zak

    Look on the bright side, maybe your critter is a squirrel.

    Sorry about your ear zit.

  • Mama D

    Oh, wine o’clock!! My old friend. Sorry about the rotten day…

  • Melisa

    Aww, I’m sorry. Mondays suck: especially Mondays like that. 🙁
    Wish I could hug all your things.

  • Anne Weber-Falk


  • Toni

    I think your critter may be on vacation, I came home last night to a HUGE racoon on the porch eating the cat food. Maybe he reads your blog and knew where the concierge lives? XO

  • Laura in Little Rock

    Better yet, you have a MOUNTAIN of clean clothing heaped on a air hockey table, which is cleverly disguised as a folding table in the laundry room, so frequently the children have forgotten it even has a function other than holding their clothing, has dirty shoes thrown on top the heap. Of course, the shoes have puppy poop on them.

    Thank god Mardi Gras and Valentine’s are in the same week. Just let the kids have a sugar hang-over and let us move forward.

  • wyngrrrl

    When you come home…and the dog jumped the baby gate…so that she can create a nest she shredded from your sheets…and they were the splurge sheets. And you’re so sad because your cousin is moving to Australia and that is awesome, but you cant have drinks with her whenever you want…and then you come home to an email that another friend is moving to Holland and that is awesome but you hardly see her now so are you really going to the land of tulips? Because you’re trying to have a baby but that isn’t happening and you don’t want to point fingers but it’s probably totally you. Yep Monday’s sick.

  • wyngrrrl

    But on the bright side…I made a kick ass Mardi Gras dinner followed by peanut butter cookies baking and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday….and J took care of Valentine’s Day a week ago so.. brigg side! Also wine helped.

  • Zoeyjane

    I need to know what keeps knocking over the dryer lint trash can. Please tell me this is/isn’t TBC…

  • meleah rebeccah

    Ugh. I hate days like that! Here’s hoping you have a better day, tomorrow! xoxoxo

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