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posted by Momo Fali on April 2, 2013

One of my favorite people on the internet is dying. Like right now. Dawn is in her final stages of a battle with melanoma and all I can think about are her husband and children and, selfishly, that I will never see her face in my Twitter stream again.


We heard last night that another friend is undergoing chemo, and we added him to the long list of people we know who have fought or are currently fighting this terrible disease. It’s getting old. Really.


I went to the dentist today. I’m one of those people who loves lying in the dental chair and getting her teeth scraped, but the scrubbing with the thick paste? BLECH. That makes me want to vomit. I have a love/hate thing with the dentist. I would probably love it more if I got laughing gas.


The dentist said she could tell that I’ve been grinding my teeth again. I’m sure this is a direct result of my weaning off Zoloft. A custom mouth guard would cost me almost $700 out of pocket, so that’s not happening and the thought of upping my meds again to avoid jaw problems makes me sad. Anxiety is a beast.


I’m crafting a post about how smart my daughter is, but there is a fine line between pride and disbelief at her accomplishments (considering she came into this world as a 2 lb. preemie), and bragging and annoying people. But, wow…am I proud. That post is coming later this week. If I act obnoxious, give me a blog-slap.


Although my son is almost 11 years old, he’s still just as literal and honest as when he was 5 and told an elderly woman at Target that she needed to buy moisturizer. Lent provided us with ample opportunity for honest conversations and these were a few that I posted on Facebook.

Me: “You need to do some reading.”
My son: “I gave it up for Lent.”


At church yesterday, my son looked at the wooden plaque labeled, “Hymns” and asked, “Mom, what’s a hymen?”


Me: “Did you eat a Peep?”
My son: “Yes…actually, I ate five.”


In addition to the post about my genius-daughter (too much?), later this week there will be a fun (and pretty) giveaway from Kyky’s Treasures! Stay tuned…and if you’ve never had a skin cancer screening, please schedule one. Now.



  • Chris

    I’m sorry to hear about your friends. My sister in law is 22 weeks pregnant and just found out she has an advanced cervical cancer last week. We are gearing her up for the fight of her life and are hoping for the best, but it has been really hard on her and her husband.

  • Arnebya

    I’m sorry about your friend. Cancer is a motherfu…Cancer is horrible.

    No such thing as too proud of your kids, especially when you think back to their beginning.

    I just snorted at hymen.

  • Casey-moosh in indy. (@mooshinindy)

    *sigh* Dawn, I have the same selfish feelings.

    I love your son. Like a million times over.

  • Toni

    Oh Momo….

    I’m so sorry, I lost my oldest sister to Cancer last week…sometime’s it all seems so hopeless, and then I read your post, see a picture of Adam and read of your (well deserved) pride in your daughter and I feel better again…

    Thank you,


    • Momo Fali

      Toni, I’m so sorry. 🙁

  • Mom Off Meth

    Cancer sucks. Just like the t-shirt says. Sorry about your friend.

  • Shannon

    I didn’t know Dawn, but have seen the internet light up in her honor, bearing witness to her life.
    Your son cracks me up.
    And, it doesn’t count as bragging if you announce it ahead of time. I made up that rule and I think it’s a keeper. Can’t wait to read your post about your brilliant daughter.

    • Momo Fali

      I like your rules.

  • tara

    I am so so sorry to hear about your friends. Cancer is a fuckstick asshole dickface. Sorry for swearing. But I lost my mom to cancer. So middle finger at you, cancer!

    As a daughter, I would LOVE it if my parent blogged about how amazing and awesome I am, even if it was slight disbelief. So I would love to read your post about your daughter. I like reading about parents who are proud. I’m a sucker for mushy stuff…..

    Ugh anxiety is totally a beast! You should buy some pot brownies 🙂 I’ve *cough* heard it helps….

  • Deb

    So very sorry for the loss of your dear friend! Cancer SUCKS!

    Your daughter ROCKS, and you, as her Mom, get the right to brag about her wherever and whenever you want! I say write blog after blog and then oh yeah, write another blog about her! Kids are the greatest things we do while we are here and we get to tell everyone how amazing they are!! So YEP, brag on!!!!

  • Joan

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friends. I’ve lost important people in my life to cancer and it just sucks.

    You’re not bragging when you speak of your daughter’s accomplishments, you’re just explaining to the world how brilliant she is. The world needs to know!

    Your son makes me laugh. There are no two ways about it. I love his directness, his take on life. Thanks for sharing.

  • Veronica

    I love Adam!

  • Mare

    So sorry to read about losing your friends. My daughter has a friend who is dying of liver cancer. It’s all around us, this death thing. People die every day, but we don’t think much about it until it hits OUR life. Then, it’s so consuming. We forget we are only here for a short time. God’s peace to you and your friends. He’s not surprised by any of it.

  • Kathy

    Teacher weighing in. Check my e-mail. Alison is so deserving of any scholarship she can get. I want to make this happen for her, and for you. I will give it my all!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Oh my.

    I am terribly sorry to hear such sad news.

    But thank you for the uplifting words & photo of your son!!

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