Zoom to BOOM!

posted by Momo Fali on July 2, 2013

When I was a little girl, my dad and stepmom took me and my stepsister to the downtown Columbus fireworks, called Red, White, and Boom! I remember sitting on the riverbank, eating fried food, people-watching, listening to music, and anxiously waiting for the sky to light up.


It was family time. It was awesome.

Ever since my kids were little, we have watched the same fireworks, though usually it’s been from afar. We ventured close, but not too close because driving downtown and trying to find a parking spot is a nightmare. Unfortunately, the experience just wasn’t the same; there weren’t people, fried foods, music, or excitement. Then, one year, we got smart.

We live on the bus line and we decided to ride downtown without having to worry about parking. We got off the bus, walked to a spot, enjoyed the fireworks, then took the bus home. Easy peasy!

The Central Ohio Transit Authority even makes it easy if you don’t live on the bus line. COTA will provided Express service to downtown between 5:30p and 8:30p on July 3rd from seven Park and Ride locations including: Crosswoods, Dublin, Gahanna, Grove City, Olentangy/Bethel Rd., Reynoldsburg and Westerville.

AND, anyone wearing a COTA Park and Ride wristband can get into Huntington Park for FREE, where there will be music, kid’s activities, and concessions!

Give yourself a break and Zoom to BOOM!

zoom to the boom


  • MM

    If only my kids were older, it would be perfect. Although I’m pretty sure riding the bus would totally outshine the fireworks for 2.5 year old!

  • Casey

    We always drove to a little lake to watch fireworks when I was a kid. It scared me to death, but my parents made me go. I remember year after year hiding under a blanket in the back of our station wagon crying while everyone enjoyed the show. I turned out okay, so I guess it wasn’t too traumatizing.

  • Suzanne Perryman

    Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your writing and your blog- and to thank you for being a reviewer for BlogHer Voices Of The Year. I am sure it is a tough task reading all the worthy entries that come your way.

    For a newbie like me, being chosen as a VOTY is a very cool honor, for the stories I write to share. I have never been to a blogging conference and BlogHer will be my first. There for a day and a night- and hope to have the opportunity to meet you!

    Thanks again for supporting the BlogHer Voices Of The Year-

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