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posted by Momo Fali on August 21, 2013

When I define myself I don’t ever say I’m a mommy-blogger. I’m a mom, but I’m also a wife, daughter, niece, cousin, employee and a whole lot of other things which don’t, individually, make me who I am or this blog what it is. I’m more of a hodge-podge blogger. Look at that! I just created a niche!

But, today this little girl started high school and I am feeling 100% mommy.


First day of first grade.

You hear it all the time; enjoy it when they’re little, they grow up so fast, time flies, blink and they’re grown. I’m here to tell you that it’s all true. In four years – God willing – she’ll be off to college and I don’t how my heart will stand it.

1st day hs

First day of high school. I won’t even comment about the socks because that’s how they wear them these days. Kids!

So just for today, go ahead and call me a mommy-blogger. Just for today, I only want to talk about my daughter and how wonderful, smart, and funny she is, and how amazing it has been to watch her grow from the 2 lb. 9 oz. preemie who fit in her father’s hand.

Just for today, you can call me whatever you want as long as I get to be her mommy a little while longer.


  • Casey

    Those two pictures made me DIE. So thanks for that. And now I feel all the feelings. I hope everyone supports you and loves you today so that in two weeks when I TOTALLY FREAK OUT about Roozle going to Kindergarten, you will have a little left in you to watch me cry all over the internet.

  • Liz

    My boy is a freshman and the middle girl is a senior in high school, this year. I get it. Aaaaaand, then my heart squished <3

  • Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

    Kids, man.

  • Jenna

    Oh, my tummy!

    She’s awesome. As are you. You go on with your bad mommy blogger self.

  • Debi

    No!Stop with the tiny people in uniforms & then being high schoolers.My girls are 6 & 8 and I swear yesterday they were 2 & born.Now,I’m off to sob.damn you! Hugs mama,stay strong!

  • mona

    You are awesome, period. Also, when I was in middle school, the girls did the super high socks, too with our uniform. Kids!

  • Zak

    I have something in my eye. Both actually.

    It really does just go by so fast.

  • Shannon

    They never told us when we had these little babies that they would eventually be beautiful full grown people who would be able to go off and do all of the things. I guess we should have known, and I know that we are the lucky ones, but OUCH. It still hurts sometimes, the impermanence of it all.

  • Melisa


    Hugs! xoxo

  • Jenny

    Happy back to school, mama, from one newly minted mom-of-a-freshman to another.

  • Tabatha

    On days like today I need a reminder that it will go by, because it doesn’t feel much like it. I hope she has a great day, and that you do, too.

  • Anne Bott

    Sniff. Thanks for that.

  • Anne Weber-Falk

    When she goes to college your feelings will be the same but x 100 and your will be bursting with mommy blogger pride. It’s such a beautiful thing.

  • Amie

    I can’t handle how cute she is in that first grade picture–that face!!!

  • tara

    Hooray! That’s so exciting!

    That sock wearing is a trend now? Man, where have I been?

  • AlisonH

    WOW. Look at her! Congratulations to all!

    My baby boy was holding his baby boy and waving his arm hi at us via Skype last night, and there was this overwhelming feeling of, I know how this movie turns out. And it is very, very good. Someday that baby will be holding his baby, and on and on. It is an amazing thing.

  • CyndyBush

    OMGosh, she has changed so much. She’s like, all grown up and stuff. Who gave her permission to do THAT?!
    My middle kid is a senior this year. Hold me.

  • Skye

    Mine starts first grade next week are you are SCARING ME!

  • Julie

    I had a premature baby too. While I was working full time, dealing with newborn then toddler issues, I was just so darned tired! Everyone said they grow up so fast, but at the time (and dealing with serious depression) I wanted just to be able to sleep in. Fast forward, my baby is a sophomore in high school this year. I just want to cuddle with my little baby again…

  • Laura in Little Rock

    My oldest is in 7th grade and is already 5’4″ – my youngest is in 1st and a pipsqueak. It’s hard to look at my girl that can now happily keeps me company on errands, uses “metaphorical” in casual conversation and whips up Banana Nut Bread. Yeah, she used to be 6. Right now, I’m loving 12. I can see, so clearly the person she is becoming and it’s amazing, even when it’s terrifying.

  • meleah rebeccah



    My son is starting his SENIOR year of high school and I am beside myself over it!

  • Arnebya

    It is amazing, isn’t it? Oh, how I feel this. My oldest is in 8th this year. I can’t even believe high school is next year because…no. Wasn’t she just a toddler? I HAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF OF HER HAVING JUST BEEN A TODDLER.

    Good luck to her this first year (although she has you as her mom; luck is such second fiddle).

  • Toni

    I’ve been feeling this a lot lately, and my GRAND’s are in middle school, and High School with the baby just starting pre K. She’s a love Momo. XO

  • Colleen - @amadisonmom

    I love the comparison in the first day of school pics. I’m afraid of how fast the time really does fly.

    I think I’m going to adopt your niche name. Hodge-Podge Blogger sounds like something I can be.

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