Day 10 – Substance

posted by Momo Fali on November 10, 2013

I had a ton of stuff to do this weekend and I didn’t get any of it finished. Not even close.

Not a single load of laundry, no grocery shopping, no vacuuming or dusting. I did help my husband bag some leaves, I put a load of clothes in the washer (but have not yet moved it from there), and I sanded a hand-me-down nightstand for my son’s room – just so you don’t think I’m a complete waste.

Though I didn’t muster the energy to fold towels, I did force myself to celebrate the birthday of a wonderful friend, sit around a firepit, spend a lazy afternoon in bed watching a movie, go to church, see my son jump in a pile of leaves, eat dinner with my mom, go to an arcade with my husband, and spend two hours dropping off bags to collect food for the needy.

Until I thought about it, I felt like nothing had been accomplished over the last couple of days because I didn’t work and I didn’t clean, but life happened. Fun happened. Celebration, faith, volunteering, friends, and family happened.

It turns out I did get a ton done.


  • Mama D

    You got the important stuff done.

  • Laura In Little Rock

    I needed that reminder. Between a cold, (yes, I read previous post. ACV – I’m considering) allergies, overwhelmed, I spent Saturday reading. The whole thing, I read “1491” from cover to cover. Today I’ve gotten some done, but I think my body is trying to let me know, there are limits. I need to balance that with what needs to be done.

  • Melisa

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Often we forget to make time for fun, you know? xoxo

  • Amie

    You also made a HUGE SALAD.

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