Day 15 – Missed

posted by Momo Fali on November 16, 2013

I missed the 15th deadline because I was out with friends, but it’s still the 15th somewhere in America so I win by default.

I have a very special, holiday gift guide for special needs kids that I’m working on, but it’s so special that I’m saving it for Monday. Mondays get more blog traffic than Fridays and special needs kids need all the traffic they can get. Plus, I wanted to see how many times I could use “special” in one paragraph.

Tomorrow (today) is also going to be a special day for me and my typical child, even though she gets the shaft and gets mentioned on this blog very rarely. Unless you know us in person, because then I talk about her all the time and tell you what a freak she is. And, I mean that in the best ways possible. I’m not kidding. More on that tomorrow (today).

So, anyway, tonight was special friends and special kids and my wonderfully special husband, though I’ll give you more details on why I’m giving him compliments tomorrow (today), too.

Until the 16th. (Dang it, it already is.)



  • meeshie

    This post a day thing is harder than it looks! Ughs!

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