Day 20 – Centered

posted by Momo Fali on November 20, 2013

You know how the universe has a way of setting you straight? I used to constantly comment about the awful parents at the library whose children ran around and – GASP – didn’t wait their turn, and weren’t whispering, and didn’t color code their crayons when they put them back in the box after craft time. I judged everyone, because my kid was perfect.

Then I was sent a child with special needs who would change the order of all the books and pet the librarian’s double-chin if given the chance. Though, he might do that color-coding crayons thing.

Yin. Yang.

Our yellow Lab was rotten. She was cute, but she ran away all the time, ate all things inedible, threw up a lot, and had the world’s nastiest gas. Our black Lab won’t leave the yard if we forget to close the gate, won’t even eat the bones we buy her, and a few weeks ago when I gave her peroxide to TRY to make her throw up, her iron stomach held the contents firmly in place.

That’s 50/50 dog luck, right there.


Earlier today my boss left me the nicest compliment on Twitter. Her opinion is nothing to scoff at, given she’s a multi-award winning, cross-platform media thought leader; which includes her place on the list of FORTUNE’s 2013 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs. If you introduce her to someone in person, you need an inhaler because you’ll be out of breath from the accolades. Needless to say, this made my day.

I wrote her back and thanked her, then I stood up, tripped over my own feet, and fell flat on the floor.

Thanks for keeping me centered, universe. Thanks a lot.


  • Melisa

    Forget about the trip. It’s no wonder you did that, having THE SAME SIZED FEET AS I DO, which is why I can give you a hard time about your/our boat feet.

    Anyway, what he tweeted was totally true and really lovely. It’s always nice to feel appreciated!

    Also, LOVED my tweet in response to it, just sayin. Ahem.

  • Melisa

    He=she. Dammit. It was late and I wasn’t proof reading. Obviously.

  • Arnebya

    You deserve that distinction. And I maintain my stance on how happy you make me. Also, my son told me I was the best mom and I was all full of myself and then as I was putting on my sock I leaned too far forward and banged my forehead on the sink. Universe.

  • AlisonH

    Love it. And when we can afford it, after shelling out thirteen grand to not have carbon monoxide poisoning anymore, next on our (further in the future than we’d intended) list is to put in new flooring: Evora Rocha cork, pressed to look vaguely slate-like, with a very thick layer to it. Padding, honey, padding, so all those times I fall on it I won’t break anything. Seriously.

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