Day 24 – Words

posted by Momo Fali on November 24, 2013

She’s once. Twice. Three times a failure. But, you la-uh-uhhhhhve her. Right?

What can I say? I simply forgot to post yesterday. But, look how much my poetry has improved in 48 hours! Note: Whoever said that something becomes a habit once you’ve done it for a few weeks is a big, fat liar.

Between two early weekend mornings in a row, helping a friend move, a funeral and a Benadryl, I still don’t really have the energy to write even though I have a lot to say. I think that’s the point of posting every day for a month anyway, to prove to yourself that you CAN find something to write. And, I could have. So I’m still winning. Except not at the Wii Fit soccer game where they pelt you with cleats and panda heads. I always lose at that.

As I was sitting quietly, waiting for the funeral to start today, I thought I’d better go ahead and write my own eulogy. I’m kind of a control-freak and what if something important is left out of my remembrance; like my deep love for my family or that my favorite Looney Tune character is Foghorn Leghorn?

But, then the son of the deceased stepped up and read what he had written. It was simple, funny and heartbreakingly beautiful. Until there is a work project, a letter to the editor, or a eulogy to write, very few people will jot down the things they have to say. I think we all have the ability to write every day and touch people on some level; we just don’t know we have it in us.

Can YOU find something to write?


  • Mama D

    “She remi – I say, she reminds me of Paul Revere’s ride, a little light in the belfry.”

    Love Foghorn Leghorn!

  • Melisa

    Totally laaaahve you. And if this is the biggest “failure” you’re currently dealing with, you’re not doing too badly. 🙂


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