2013 Year in Review

posted by Momo Fali on December 30, 2013

Yesterday was my daughter’s 15th birthday. I didn’t write a post for her because I don’t know how many times I can say what an amazing miracle she is, how proud we are, or how much I love watching her grow up without people rolling their eyes and saying, “We know! We know, already!” So instead of typing away on my computer, we went to church, ate Chinese food, went bowling, cut into an ice cream cake, and ran errands. Nothing bonds you with your child on her birthday like searching through clearance Christmas lights at Walmart.

Today, we’re going to do more of the same. I have a few days off and I’m going to spend as much of that time with my kids doing things we don’t get to do very often and some stuff we do all the time, but for which I won’t be distracted. Grocery shopping can actually be an enjoyable experience when you don’t have deadlines looming.

I hope you all had wonderful family moments like bowling and Chinese food over the past few weeks and I wish you beautiful memories in the New Year. Without further ado, here are my favorite posts from 2013.

January – I reflected on parenting and how impossible and beautiful it can be at the same time. Oh, and I can’t forget that dance.

February – February was all about love and marriage. And, trauma.

March – I focused on the correlation between my mind, body and homemade wine.

April – A rough month, filled with a lot of anxiety – as you can probably see from this post.

May – My heart was broken by my son’s former school and we made a life-changing decision for him because of it.

June – I celebrated six years of blogging! And, I wrote a letter to my dad.

July – Rash decisions were made.

August – Mommy-blogging was alive and well!

September – Keepin’ it real, yo’. Just keepin’ it real.

October – I wrote 10 Things for My Daughter in Case I Die and drew a picture for my son.

November – My son took his disability public. Or, at least to the driveway.

December – The Favorite Christmas Songs series was a ton of fun to make, but acting like Kenny Rogers? Bonus.

Cheers and happiness to a fabulous 2014!


  • AlisonH

    Happy Birthday to a fellow December baby!

  • Melisa

    I hope 2014 is AMAZING for you and your family, my friend. xoxoxo

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