Anatomy of a Desk

posted by Momo Fali on June 20, 2014

Let’s take stock of my current desk situation, shall we?


Sure there’s a keyboard, laptop, extra monitor, mouse, pens and some paper; so it may look a lot like your desk too. You might even have a giant coffee cup or a post-it reminder with instructions of what to do before your kid has a sedated MRI.

But, do you also have your son’s prescription ear drops and a half-eaten doggie football? What about the things you can’t see stacked up behind the monitor? Do you have a dishtowel, a dog bowl, an unused extension cord and some headphones – all things the puppy was chewing on and brought to you?

People think I am so lucky to work from home. Sometimes I am, but sometimes I find an undershirt on my keyboard or the battery “borrowed” from my mouse and put into the remote. During conference calls you can hear the Wii, a dog barking, or a child asking, “Mom, what’s for dinner? Thank goodness for mute.

And, thank goodness I have a wide lap since it’s the only space I have left for taking notes.


  • tara

    Oh man, right? My husband and I are currently homeless (long story, but it’s by choice…) and I work out of a hotel bed. Using my lap, with stuff spread all around me as my dog inches closer and closer so she can put her cute head in my lap and distract me.

    I’m not important enough to be on phone calls that get interrupted… yet… 🙂

  • Laura in Little Rock

    Nah. You’ve got room to spare. Shuffle the wireless keyboard to the desk surface, take notes on the keyboard drawer, and hold the puppy in your lap. Voila!
    My “desk” is a dropleaf table with my toothbrush, headphones, happy meal toys, CHRISTMAS POTPOURI, library books, prescriptions, Scholastic books on DVD, and god knows what else. That’s not mentioning what falls or get stacked on the floor.

  • Melisa

    You need a bigger desk. Maybe like the one the President uses in the Oval Office. Though I bet over time it would fill up. (It would in my case. sigh.)

  • Anne at Left Brain Craft Brain

    This is so my life!

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