Writer’s Block Does Not Exist

posted by Momo Fali on July 15, 2014

I am coming on here to tell you what a friend told me today; writer’s block does not exist. Elan said on Twitter that “…if you can say a sentence, you can write one.” So I’m here with nothing planned but what flows from my fingertips. This post is probably going to turn out to be what we call verbal diarrhea.

I certainly have no shortage of sentences to say. I talk on the phone for work, I tweet a lot and the conversations I have with my kids, alone, are enough to fill the pages of a book each day. Someone recently told me that mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we emit, which would scientifically connect my numerous bites to my rambling mouth. Pass the Benadryl.

Oh, and the stories I have in my head! I have books and screenplays rolling around; their characters quite fully developed. But they, along with most of my words, get lost because I don’t make the time to write them down. I schedule time to go to the gym, since my DVT diagnosis I’ve been forcing myself to walk almost every day, I find the hours needed to cook, clean, and do laundry, and it’s high-time I set aside time to write.

Of course, I choose to make this statement just nine days before BlogHer ’14, the largest social media conference for women in the world…oh, and I MANAGE THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA. And, are you ready for this? We’re very seriously considering moving from the house where we’ve lived for 17 years so we can enroll our son in a different school district. I can’t think of a more perfect time to commit to more writing! Can you?

So, you see? I thought I had writer’s block, but it wasn’t that at all. It’s time block. Elan was right. I have the words. I just can’t spare a minute to share them.


  • Melisa

    *standing o*

  • AlisonH

    I so hope the school thing works out. Would you really have to move? Stay well, meantime.

  • Christina

    Brava! I need to take Elan’s advice and do the same. I feel like I’ve had writer’s block forever.

    You will have to tell me at BlogHer which school district you’re considering. We’re considering switching districts, too, so I’m curious if you have insider info on districts that would be better.

  • Shannon

    Our school district is nice. I’ll start looking for a house for you.

    What? You weren’t thinking of a seven hour move?

    Also, my writer’s block’s name starts with “L” and rhymes with hazy.

  • Aussa Lorens

    I think sometimes we also psych ourselves out to such an extent that we think we aren’t “worthy” of the time it takes to write… like we aren’t in the proper mindset or we don’t have adequate motivation. Both are terrible reasons not to push through.

  • Kathy Groah

    Perfectly stated.

  • Liz


  • Casey

    I was inspired to write about writing last night too. That blog chat totally ruled.

    And this is why I blog so much from my phone. Because I don’t always have the time to stop my life for writing. I need to write in my life instead.

  • Arnebya

    I just have lazy.

  • tara

    HA! You certainly chose a fantastic time to consider moving ūüôā

    I’m going to keep Elan’s advice in mind for when I sit down and can’t seem to find the words. What’s equally frustrating is when I’m in bed and my brain comes up with a genius blog post idea and even plans out how I would say it – and then I try to write it the next day and it comes out all blocky and awkward. GRRRRR

  • Leigh Ann

    When I have inspiration, I have no time. When I have time, I have no inspiration or focus, and that of course makes it easier to say “I’ll just take ALL THE BUZZFEED QUIZZES NOW.”

  • Chrisor

    I’ve found more than a few pieces of wisdom in Elan’s tweets over the years. She can pinpoint with accuracy what we might be able to figure out if we stopped long enough to examine things. I never really run out of things to write about but ALWAYS run out of time. I wish I was putting writing higher on my priority list. I know that’s the only way to get blog posts out. You know as well as I do that there’s more to life than blog posts. You’re living it and so am I.

    The thought of moving after that many years is terrifying to me! We’ve lived here almost 19 years and talk about moving but I wonder if it will ever happen. I can totally see how being in a different school district would have serious advantages for your son though. Your health scare with DVT was eyeopening. Glad you caught it in time to stay among the living! I hope that doesn’t sound awful. I mean it in the best way. I can’t word things right lately. I love reading you and need to get over here more.

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