Thanks, Mail Carrier!

posted by Momo Fali on November 5, 2014



  • alexandra

    Right? Like when they finally deliver that mail from 3 wks ago in a plastic bag that says WE CARE!

  • Kari

    You had one job, mail carrier.

    • Momo Fali


  • AlisonH


    And oh goodness. I’m reading this half an hour after hearing my mail carrier thump something down loud enough for hearing-impaired me to hear it halfway across the house.

    I have an old classmate who now lives within a couple miles in New Hampshire of where we did for four years back when our kids were babies. There is an apple variety I only ever found there and never again since moving to California; it needs too many cold hours, etc etc.

    She found out and and and. Staring at that box. She just spent $30 just on the postage to mail me Spencer apples she’d found at the farmstand I discovered 30 years ago.

    And that is what the mailman was dropping to the ground. Two are already bruised badly, despite the packing material. Well then. Apple crisp for us tonight!

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