Things I Have Going For Me

posted by Momo Fali on November 7, 2014

Oh, look at me, sitting here staring at a blank page. Folks, this is what NO IDEA looks like.

I can’t call it writer’s block, because I’m writing – or typing – whatever. The problem is that I have nothing of substance to say. Not today. Today was draining. Except for coffee with a friend early this morning and the fact that two of my son’s teachers told me they think he’s awesome and he’s progressing beautifully. Those things filled me up, at least temporarily.

Also, I’m still breathing. I have that going for me. But, sometimes you need a little extra and today the extra was just not there.

Thank goodness that tomorrow is a new day. Also, the night is young and I just cracked my second Budweiser.

Actually, I have more going for me than I originally thought. Cheers!


  • Arnebya

    You’ve got more [beer] than me.

  • Melisa

    Nice turnaround, #HalfFull! xoxoxo

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