posted by Momo Fali on November 11, 2014

Today is 11/11. Whenever the clock says 11:11 I make a wish, so I’ve been making a lot of wishes today.

I still believe in wishes, even though I’m 43. Maybe it’s because I’m a dreamer and they offer a little respite from reality. I know there is truth in that whole power of positive thinking thing, too. Build it and they will come.

Of course, dreams don’t come true as often as we like, but sometimes you learn a lot just by thinking it. Knowing you want something bad enough to wish for it helps you set your priorities. This is why I blow out the candles on my birthday cake and wish for 364 more days of cake. As long as it’s chocolate.

Ordinarily, I try not to be greedy with my wishes. I only blow one dandelion at a time, I only wish upon one star a night, and I never, ever wish for more wishes. That’s the first rule in genie school.

Wishes are fun and frivolous and not to be used for more serious matters. I reserve those for prayer. Wishes are light and airy, not for healing, soul-searching, problem-solving, or something in which I place faith. They are a bonus. A bright spot in an otherwise boring day.

So, stop right now and make a wish. You never know, it might come true. And, if it does, I totally expect a cut.

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  • Melisa

    Done. And happy to share. 😉

  • Shannon

    The first thing I said to my daughter this morning was “It’s 11/11, make a wish.” She’s always been a wisher, too.

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