Cracking up and Unbreakable

posted by Momo Fali on April 30, 2015

There is something I need. I need it as much as water, air, food, clothing, shelter, coffee and beer. If I am to be a functioning member of society, I need laughter.

For a while, I didn’t have much laughter in my life. The reason I know about that ‘functioning’ thing I mentioned is because I was barely doing it. I kind of floundered through my days. And, we’re not talking about lightly-seared or grilled flounder, but stuffed. With potatoes. And, chorizo. Heavy. With a side of squash.

But, slowly, light began to creep in and now there is laughter every day and I’m functioning again. Sure, sometimes I flounder, but mostly I’m wild-caught, with a squeeze of lemon. Light. With a side of asparagus.

Amid the financial crisis, the turmoil my kids are dealing with, and the loss of touch with family, I can still find something funny each day. It really is the best medicine.

So what’s my secret?

1. Inside jokes. I have inside jokes with my co-workers, friends, kids, and even the pharmacist. When you can laugh about something and no one else knows what you’re talking about, it makes it extra funny. For instance, I can just say the word, “Georgette” and one of my friends is cracking up right now.

2. A funny family. We have been through some awful times together and we can be completely serious if we need to be, but more than likely you’ll find us cracking jokes at a funeral. Probably as part of the eulogy.

3. Three friends who make me laugh every day. It’s not always the same three, but there are at least three people I talk to, text with or see in person who know just what to say to get a giggle out of me. If, by the end of the day, there haven’t been three, then I’ll text one of them so I can meet my quota.

4. Comedies. I don’t care if it’s Paul Blart Mall Cop, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or my current personal favorite, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which streams into my room via Netflix every night – watching something funny does the trick. Bonus, Kimmy and I both have an unbreakable theme going on which is kind of an inside joke, except she doesn’t know it because she isn’t real. But, darn it, if she were, she would totally be my friend.

5. My kids. The surest way to get me to laugh is for me to make my kids laugh first. That’s right. I tickle them. Sure, it’s actually torture and completely cruel, but it’s funny! Or, I can just give my son a Tootsie Pop.

tootsie pop

I hope you laugh today.


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  • Melisa

    Oh, Momo. 😉

  • Liz

    Yay for light and laughter, oh and Tootsie Pops, they’re my favorite 🙂

    • Momo


  • alexandra

    Laughter saved my life 5 years ago, that’s when I began blogging. I will forever be grateful to wendi Aarons, marinka, lisa Rosenberg, Kelsey kintner ,alice Bradley, ann imig, anna lefler, and daphne brogdon, shari simpson and suzy soro.

  • Bean

    “Ok, Georgette!” Oh, how I love that. And your sense of humor. And this post. And your happy, laughing heart. xo

  • Amy

    Laughter is a great cure and mood lifter. The tootsie pop photo made me chuckle and smile. Kids are so amazing and truly are just what we need.

  • Bonnie

    So glad you have kept your sense of humor. It has served you well. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt “A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”

    You are an Earl Gray and truly awesome!


  • Angela

    I realize this is a post from May, but I had to comment. Laughter is part of who I am…our family is the same way- My aunt is a funeral director, LOL. Part of a stressful year with the hubby, I’ve been checking myself and stifling the laughter. I figured out it’s pretty damn depressing and I don’t care if he thinks I’m nuts or he doesn’t get it- I will have fun and laugh in my day!! I feel much better with it. That and Nutella…

  • Monica

    LOVE your painting. The bark on the tree looks great. Love that you painted ANYTHING.

    Wish I could sample some beers with you — I think we’d be great friends.


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