posted by Momo Fali on May 9, 2016

Your birthday crept up on me this year because things have been a little crazy around here. Not that we don’t know crazy, because you and I have been doing crazy for 13 years and 364 days. Give or take a few leap years.

You, alone, have been through a lifetime of trials, but lately your trials have outweighed your triumphs. Having health problems is hard. Wearing hearing aids is hard. Being on the spectrum is hard. Having surgeries, getting blood drawn, switching schools, starting new medications, your mom starting a new job, and your parents getting divorced? All hard. And, that’s just the last nine months.


When you put it all together, it’s clear that you are the same kid you’ve always been. You roll with the punches and always come back. Slowly, but I like to think that’s because you want it to be perfect.

And, even with all the chaos you made such strides in your 13th year. You learned how to swim without vomiting! (The other people in the pool appreciate that very much.)

You learned to smell vinegar without vomiting, too! And, you even LIKE pickles now. That was a big one. Of all the advances you’ve made, I think I like not vomiting the most.


You did other amazing things too, like hiking nine miles through the mountains in California, going for a dirtbike ride, riding waves in North Carolina and seeing your first concert. It was a joy to see you experience new things. Like when you pulled the fire alarm in the hotel at midnight. Good times. Good times.



I am so proud of how resilient you are. I’m so happy you were born. Happy 14th birthday, buddy. And, just so you know, you are totally not driving anytime soon.


  • Melisa

    Love you Adam! Happy birthday!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

    • Momo

      He loves you, too. XOXO

  • Vivian

    Wow, Adam, FOURTEEN??? Happy birthday, guy!! I haven’t been on Facebook to see that it is your birthday until JUST NOW, so please forgive me for being so late. I sure hope you had a fantastic day, because you are a fantastic kid and you make me feel good, the way you get through all your trials and chaos. I know that your great family is with you all the way, and I love them a bunch, especially your mom, with her own trials and chaos. So happy birthday again and make it a good year while you’re getting up to FIFTEEN!! Love you, Adam. Aunt Vivian

    • Vivian

      Okay, Diane, I see that I just jumped in here with both feet and GOT THE WRONG DAY!!! Chalk it up to age, please, and change my sentiment to Adam to present tense tomorrow, please. Love to you all!

      • Momo

        Done! Love you, Aunt Viv! No matter what day you think it is. 😉

  • Elaine A.

    I love this. And y’all. Happy Birthday to you both!!

  • Toni

    Happy Happy Birthday Adam!
    What a handsome young man you are growing up to be! All the friends you made in Key West send Happy Birthday wishes and lots and lots of love – but most of all ME! XOXOXOX

  • Jessica

    From a distance and a connection that is just that weird magic of following a blog for many years, can I say that I am so pleased to wish your son happy birthday. I have a sibling with cerebral palsy and nothing in his life is easy except for the laughter and the adventures and the conversations at the kitchen table way past bed time. I wouldn’t want to be in world without people like my sibling and like Adam. Happy Birthday!

    • Momo

      You made our day…and it’s Adam’s birthday, so that’s really saying something!

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