In the Blink of a Decade

posted by Momo Fali on June 26, 2017

On June 26, 2007 I wrote my first blog post. My kids looked, roughly, like this. Though it was summer, so with less parkas.

Now they are 15 and 18 and my daughter is getting ready to go to college. And, I am left staring at the same cursor that I’ve stared at a thousand times. It won’t quit blinking. I can’t stop blinking.

If you had asked me in 2007 where I saw myself in 10 years, I would have never answered that I’d be a single-mom with a career in social media. Neither of those would have seemed a remote possibility. I sure didn’t anticipate that I’d be dating the cute guy from my ninth grade history class. Sometimes, though, life is a series of fortunate events.

This space was built on good timing, networking and comedy gold in the form of my children, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the life-changing opportunities BlogHer gave me. I will be forever grateful to them for expanding this blog’s reach, providing sponsorship, and for handing over their Twitter account to a part-time lunch lady who used to tweet from her personal account after taking Ambien. If you think that’s a run-on sentence, you should have seen what I used to tweet.

If I had more time, I’d write a lot more and maybe even finish the novel I referred to in my first post – the one I started writing before blogging was a gleam in my eye. But, even if I can manage to finish that book, I can’t imagine not always having this space to return to. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it when I’m retired and traveling around the country in my RV. Wait until you hear those stories.

Forrest Gump was way off. Life is like a series of blog posts. Some days are funny, others are filled with immense pain, but mostly I’m just happy to be breathing and still in this space watching the cursor move forward. Thanks for blinking along with me.



  • Melisa

    Wow, happy tenth. Time flies.
    I am so thankful for this space because had you not started blogging I never would have met you. Love you, Radio. xoxoxo

    • Momo

      Love you too!

  • Denise

    Life is WEIRD, right? (It’s also amazing.)


    • Momo

      SO weird! And I love every bit of it’s weirdness.

  • lisa


    Congrats!I follow you, simply because you inspire us; Us, women, moms, wives. Your honesty and vulnerability and truth makes me a believer. so PREACH girl, to watch your transformation and now current happiness and your full life, gives us all hope. Bless you Momo.

    a faithful follower….


    • Momo

      Thank you. Let’s promise to keep inspiring each other!

  • Mrs4444

    Happy for you! I cannot believe your kids are that old already! Just checking in…glad you’re in a good place.

    • Momo

      Thanks, Barb!

  • Zak

    Time flies and life is so goddamn weird. I’m glad I know you, my friend. xx

    • Momo


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