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Netflix and Mini Milestones

posted by Momo Fali on October 21, 2014


My husband really wants my daughter to watch Halloween. You remember it, right? Jamie Lee Curtis stars as the babysitting teen, chased and tormented by Michael Myers; not the one of Shrek fame, but rather the escaped psychiatric inmate and slasher. I hate that movie. I hate scary movies in general, but my daughter is at that tender age where her parents need to show her that it’s never okay to answer the door when she’s home alone and that she can never, ever trust a landline. Life lessons, we haz ’em.

Thankfully, we’ve decided to scare her with something a little more tame and less likely to occur in real life, which is “LOST”, also known as, “My favorite show, EVER.” Okay, the plane crash could happen, but the chance of landing in paradise with ample fresh water and tubs of Dharma Initiative ranch dressing is not usually the end result. Also, smoke monsters.

In addition to sharing the experience with my daughter, the beauty of rewatching “LOST” is that my husband and I are catching all kinds of stuff that we never noticed the first time around. There are subtle, and not-so-subtle, clues of what’s to come. Our daughter not knowing what’s going to happen is just plain fun for us. We rub our hands together and evil laugh, nod, raise our eyebrows and say, “Hmmm…I wonder what THAT means?” a lot. Then our daughter rolls her eyes.

Of course, getting her to sit down to watch “LOST” means that we’ve pulled her away from “Dr. Who”, “Sherlock” or “Merlin”, which are also good for this spooky season (and all available for streaming on Netflix). They’re not too scary, but they are suspenseful and they make me feel intelligent on account of all the British.

It’s fun to have my daughter at a point in her life where we can introduce her to shows we enjoy. It may not be a traditional milestone, but you can be sure we’re making memories. Anyway, we aren’t a traditional family because when she eventually watches Halloween, I bet my husband will be really proud.


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He Moonlights as a Quick Thinker

posted by Momo Fali on December 10, 2013

My husband and I were recently watching a sit-com in which two of the main characters, who went through a few seasons of flirting and angst-filled relationship banter, finally started dating.

My husband said, “This show is ruined now. They always do this.” He held up his fingers and started counting. “They did it when Sam and Diane got together, they did it when Chandler and Monica got together, they did it with that couple from Moonshiners…”


This is a picture of my son, but this is pretty much the exact look I gave my husband.

But, before I could call him out on his Moonlighting mistake he said, “When those two rednecks got together it totally ruined the show.”

Day 12 – Pop

posted by Momo Fali on November 12, 2013

Oh, pop culture. Sigh. I am in your news every day and sometimes you confuse me. Most of the time, actually. Before I burst, these are some things I need to get off my chest. It should be noted that my mother is going to read this and not recognize a single name. Some day, maybe I’ll rant about Doris Day.

1. I don’t care what the Kardashians do. Not even a little bit. Not ever.

2. Why is there going to be a live version of The Sound of Music and why is it starring Carrie Underwood? This question looks absurd, but I can assure you this is happening, people.

3. When I grow up I want to be Jennifer Lawrence.

4. And, I want Jimmy Fallon to be my neighbor.

5. I don’t know what Miley Cyrus is doing, but I don’t approve.

6. Rihanna needs to dump Chris Brown once and for all.

7. Jay Z is awesome. Justin Timberlake is awesome. Now they should go their separate ways.

8. How could AC/DC sell “Back in Black” for retail, commercial purposes? Bon Scott is rolling over in his grave.

9. I’m a big fan of Mark Wahlberg, but even I can’t stand behind him starring in a reality show about his restaurant, “Wahlburgers.” I can’t even stand behind the name “Wahlburgers.”

And, to redeem all of the above nonsense:

10. Downton Abbey’s fourth season starts in 54 days. Not that I’m counting.

Oprah Cliffs Notes IX

posted by Momo Fali on January 25, 2011

On yesterday’s show Oprah revealed that, in 1963, her mother gave a baby girl up for adoption; which means Oprah has a baby sister!  It’s true.  There was a DNA test and everything.  A DNA test worth its weight in gold.

This is Patricia.  She is Oprah’s new half-sister.

Not to be confused with Patricia, Oprah’s former half-sister, who died in 2003.

Oprah, Patricia and her other sister Patricia, not to be confused with Larry, his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl…

…are all the children of the same mother.  Her name is Vernita.

Not to be confused with Oprah’s father, Vernon.  Though, this is not really Oprah’s father, it’s just his bust.

Not to be confused with breasts.

And, just like that.  We’ve come full circle.