Question of the Day XI

posted by Momo Fali on July 31, 2011

So, you know how your husband goes out of town for the weekend and your young dog has been vomiting and having diarrhea for four days, and you have big deadlines, and you have to go get your daughter at camp, which ends up taking more than six hours, and you cry the whole way there because you just got a crown on your bottom tooth, and it’s sitting too high and jamming your upper tooth into places where it shouldn’t be and “bruising” the nerve, and it hurts so bad that you take three Dilaudid and it still hurts, but OH BOY do you sleep…you know, when you should be working, and you need to do laundry so you can pack to go out of town and speak in front of 3600 people, and then your old dog gets a tick and when you try to pull it out with tweezers you just end up getting half of it and a whole lot of blood all over your kitchen, and you have to make an emergency trip to your out of town dentist on a Sunday…you know, when you should be working, and then the young dog who has been vomiting and having diarrhea for four days decides she DOESN’T WANT TO GO IN THE YARD TO GO TO THE BATHROOM ANYMORE and you have to literally drag her to the grass, and then she gets stung by something and her face swells up so much that she can’t see, and then you are SO HAPPY when your husband walks back in the door?

Yeah, me too.


  • dysfunctional mom

    OMG…the pic of the dog…sad but hilarious!
    That sounds like a stellar weekend!

  • Momo Fali

    Thank goodness for the vet and shots of steroids.

  • Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

    Is that steroid shots for you or the dog?

    Enjoy, it’ll all be over in a few short days!

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    Oh lordie. I’d say I’ve been there, but really? YOU WIN. 😉

  • Sharon you poor thing (addressing all living things involved in this situation!)

  • Amie

    Poor puppy and poor Momo…

  • madoliv

    WOW – You are a freakin’ mess.

    • Amie

      hahahahaha…makes you glad you aren’t her, eh?

  • SuzRocks

    I don’t know who to feel worse for- the dog or you! Is your dog howling everytime he has to go diarrhea b/c it hurts his butt so much? That happened to my dog once…after she went diarrhea ALL over my car. And then played in it.

    True story.

  • meleah rebeccah

    Oh no!! Poor Momo & Poor Puppy!!

  • Melisa

    OMG, BLUUUUUUE!!! Poor baby. (and poor Momo.)

    Just think of how much we’ll be laughing this weekend.

  • Melisa

    I MEANT,


  • mrsmouthy

    I swear, no one has bad days like MomoFali has bad days.

  • Deb

    WOW! And I thought my day was bad! I have just one question…..How much wine/drink of choice does it take to make all that better??? I’m going with A LOT!!!

  • Julie

    Oh boy. Sorry you’re having a crappy day! Hope things improve a bit for ya!

  • Heather

    Man, that sucks.

  • Shea

    Wow. The crummiest weekend award goes to you sister. Hope it improved.

  • Anna Hettick

    Oh wow, sounds so stressful!!! Hope it gets better!!

  • AlisonH


  • Lisa

    Speechless. And emotionally somewhere between laughing and crying. That last picture says it all.

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