Day 15 – Come On, Get Happy!

posted by Momo Fali on November 15, 2012

One of my favorite things in the world is seeing a UPS or FedEx truck in front of my house. I am usually let down when the driver jumps out of the truck and crosses my neighbor’s yard, but sometimes – just sometimes – the package is headed here.

Today was one of those days.

I was handed a large box from the delivery-man and headed straight to my kitchen counter where I tore the box open and found this.

In case you don’t know what this is (*waves at southern Californians*) it is a therapy light for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. When you live in Ohio with its thick clouds and oh-so-gray-winter-days, you get depressed. It’s that simple. Out of the 101 cities in the United States with the lowest average sunlight, 19 of them are in Ohio; 14 Ohio towns are in the top 55.

Therapy lights produce intense light which is shown to improve mood and a host of other SAD symptoms. And, I have been wanting one for years. Just ask my Zoloft.

So, today I got one. Except I didn’t order it and there is no note, receipt or packing slip. Nothing. I have no idea who bought it.

Of course, I thought there was a chance that I took my Ambien and ordered it in the middle of the night, because I have been known to find plates next to my bed which clearly contained nachos and don’t remember eating a bit of them. I have also been known to hallucinate so I knew there was a distinct possibility that in a stupor, I suddenly felt the need to order this lamp. But, according to Amazon I haven’t placed any orders in the last 30 days.

The only thing I can think of is that someone is either SUPER KIND and wanted to remain anonymous or is sick of me complaining on Twitter and/or Facebook about not having a happy light and just wanted me to shut up.

In which case, I’m going to start grumbling about needing a million dollars.


  • Mama D

    Lucky you! A gift from someone kind…hope it helps!!

  • tara

    Haha that is awesome!

    You can come visit me in California if you want.

  • Amie

    This makes me hopeful that someday, all my whining about wanting a monkey will come to fruition. Do they deliver monkeys via UPS or FedEx?

    • Momo Fali

      I hear the USPS is pretty desperate. I bet they’ll ship one.

      • Amie

        I might have better luck if YOU whine about wanting me to have a monkey. Make the magic happen, Momo.

  • Anna Hettick

    That’s super awesome!!

    And uh yeah, I would totally start grumbling about needing a million dollars too!

  • Rhea

    What an awesome, surprise gift!

  • Arnebya

    I want one. I need one. I’m glad you got one and that it was a secret gift.

  • mare

    How wonderful that you received such a nice gift. Sure it was not your hubby? To Amie – you don’t want a monkey. I had a squirrel monkey as a kid. They are mean and stinky. Interestingly, he did not like bananas. Hope you get feeling better, Momo!

  • mrsmouthy

    I live in Seattle. I’d like my light back now, please.

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