Note to Self: Buy More Coal

posted by Momo Fali on December 4, 2012

My son will be 11 in May. He is the oldest kid in his class and he still believes in Santa Claus.

Half of the reason for that is because he had a pretty lousy start to life, so giving him a little extra magic is the least we can do. The other half is because he is brutally honest and we don’t want him to ruin it for the kids in his class who are many months behind him in age. Trust me, if he knows, he’ll make sure everyone else knows too.

Because he’s been lying so much, I felt the need to play the Santa card. I mean, if your child still thinks a jolly elf slides down the chimney and eats a bunch of cookies then you might as well use it for your benefit. Another advantage is that you get to eat a plate of cookies and pretend you didn’t.

So the other day I said, “This lying has to stop. It’s ridiculous. Plus, Santa is coming soon and I know you want to be on the nice list.”

Then I realized that he’s probably just going to go ahead and eat the cookies himself on Christmas Eve, because he replied, “But, I was naughty last year and I still got presents!”


  • meleahrebeccah

    smart kid!

  • Arnebya

    I’m telling you, you have a comedian on your hands. His comebacks, especially the immediate, honest ones that he may/may not know are hilarious, kill me.

  • Tara R.

    Clever and a good memory… a dangerous combination.

  • Mama D

    You’ve got your hands full with this one! Coal might not be a bad idea… 🙂

  • Paula

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing, it gives me hope for mine!

  • tara

    That’s what HE thinks-about getting good presents. If he had been good, just imagine the haul he could’ve gotten 🙂

    He’s definitely a comedian. And with that smile? He’s going to get away with murder.

  • andy

    Wait till he calls you out for lying to him about Santa…. that will make for a fun conversation!

  • Melissa (Miz Meliz) Reyes

    What do you mean by “ruin”? What does he know? Pretending you didn’t eat the cookies? Wait a minute! Are you saying what I think you are saying? You are Santa Claus?!!!!

  • Melisa

    And your answer to that was…?

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