Dance with My Father

posted by Momo Fali on January 29, 2013

Sometimes, when we are just sitting around, my mom will burst into tears and tell me what a good father my kids have. I nod. “I know, Mom. I know.” And, I do.

I think part of the reason she cries is because she had a good relationship with her father and she misses him. He’s been gone since I was a child, but she still talks about him a lot. I think there is also something to be said for the fact that my mom is 78 years old and has known a lot of people who didn’t have close relationships with their dads. My grandparent’s generation wasn’t exactly known for wearing their emotions on their sleeves.

Actually, some members of my generation aren’t known for it either. There is no denying that my husband is a curmudgeon (seriously, he won’t even deny it), but he loves his kids, does all kinds of activities with them that I probably never would, instills in them a sense of responsibility, shares his faith and his dreams with them, and even though he is one of the biggest sports fans I’ve ever known, he doesn’t blink an eye at the fact that our special needs son will never be a star athlete.

Of course, my husband gets all of his parenting skills naturally because he has a great dad. As do I. Our fathers are both funny, kind, generous and loving.

Way back in 1997 I spent an amazing August afternoon dancing with all of these men. I happened to be wearing a wedding dress and at one point or another was twirled around the dance floor by my brand-new husband, my dad, and my father-in-law.

The other night my daughter’s dance club threw an event for the parents. It was held in the same hall where my husband and I had our wedding reception, and when my groom and our daughter took to the dance floor – the same dance floor where I had danced with my dad – I was the one doing the crying.

I have been so lucky to have these dads in my life and I wish the same thing for my girl.

So far, so good.

Speaking of dads, I’ll be on a panel at the Dad 2.0 Summit in Houston this weekend where some of the best parents in social media will be gathering to declare, “Parenting isn’t just for moms, and neither is blogging!” I just made that quote up, but I’m pretty sure they’ll want to to put it on a bumper sticker.


  • Melisa

    I adore that picture. The end.

    P.S. Awesome post. As usual.

    • Momo Fali

      I love that picture too. And your P.S., too.

  • Melisa

    P.S. Don’t forget your Wisps!

  • Mama D

    Three cheers for awesome dads! I have one, my husband has one and so do my kids, so we are also in the fortunate and appreciative group!

  • Chris

    Such a great memory to have. I had a great Dad as well and even though he left us a little too early, he taught me a lot about what it takes to be a great father. I hope I am able to give my kids the same life that he gave to me and my brother.

  • Sadia

    So sweet, I was crying right with you.

  • Liz

    Beautiful post, Momo.

  • mel

    What a great picture and post Diane! The dance club brings back fond memories. Enjoy!

  • Patty

    Such a beautiful post and picture. Brings back lots of the same memories for me. Dads are just awesome 🙂

  • Toni

    Wonderful picture,and he IS a wonderful father, I’ve seen him in action! And we know how partial I am to mine…. XO


    Whoa, Mo Mo! Big, wet tears in eyes. Just LOVE this post and what a GREAT preclude to the Dad 2.0 Summit. You sure know how to get the word out with class. Thanks for the moment and for sharing, Fondly, Robin

  • Jennifer in Spring, TX

    My dad is a great guy and I have nothing buy wonderful memories of him from my childhood. He is still such an important part of my life. My husband, my children’s stepfather and father to my stepchildren, is everything that a kid’s dad should be. I cannot think of a better guy for all of our kids to look up to and to and to be the model of a man that is a wonderful father, husband, friend, and person.

  • tara

    Awww that is so sweet! Your kids are lucky, and so are you. That picture is awesome.

    Also, I definitely think they’ll want to put it on a bumper sticker. That is a fantastic slogan.

  • Bean

    I love this picture. I absolutely love what each of their faces say — perfect! And, I love this post. *sniff* I know your mom has been saying that about him for years … and rightfully so. xoxo

  • AlisonH

    Powerful. Thank you. Beautiful.

    I have a grandfather who died when I was a toddler, and somehow I have a memory of him snuggling me and rocking me in a rocking chair. A few years ago I described it to my mom–a wooden chair on a narrow-planked wood floor with a floor-to-ceiling window behind, and she said, yes, that’s exactly how their house looked, you’re remembering it right.

    I told her that when I was growing up, every time life got to be more than I could handle I would have this inner picture come to me of Grampa J rocking me like that.

    Then my oldest sister, at a family reunion two months ago, when she heard that, went, wait–Grampa died in… They compared notes…

    I’d always thought he’d lived till I was nearly four. No. I was eighteen, nineteen months the last time I saw him, at that house with the big rocking chair, and…

    Somehow, by my not knowing I couldn’t possibly remember that, it was given to me as a gift that helped me through my childhood. My grampa was still there with me, helping shepherd me through.

  • AlisonH

    But I did remember that.

  • meleah rebeccah


    Thanks for making me cry.

    *wipes tears from eyes*

  • kimberly mckay

    Adorable post. I love this!!!

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