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posted by Momo Fali on July 21, 2013

Has it been a week since I last posted? Wow. Time flies when you’re freaking out.

Let’s review the last seven days, shall we?

* It was really, really hot. Like, go out and water the flowers at 7:30am and come back in looking like you ran through the sprinkler, but it’s-really-just-sweat-hot. I killed four plants last week. Two of mine and two of my neighbor’s. My daughter and I were even tag-teaming the neighbor’s flowers and we still killed them. Call us to watch your house!

* I drank a lot of STRAW-BER-ITAS. Have you had one? Full disclosure: They are a BlogHer ’13 sponsor, but that’s not why I’m telling you how good they are. They’re just really good. So, I drank a lot of them. The end.


yo’. I’ll see you again soon.

* I can’t remember the last time I did the dishes. It’s good to have a 14 year old.

* I went to the doctor for my numb hand and got, what I thought was a steroid shot, but it was in fact Ketamine (an anesthetic). I slept pretty well that night. NOW, I’m on steroids. And, my hand is still numb and I’m kind of raging, but my cheeks are rosy!

* Out of desperation for happy conference feet, I bought a pair of Birkenstocks from Zappos. I’m happy they have free returns.

* My in-laws visited. I love them. A friend of mine lost both of her in-laws in a car accident last week. I can’t imagine the depth of that loss.

* I normally drink apple cider vinegar every day, but lately I’ve just been eating sea-salt and vinegar potato chips instead. To recap, the diet is STRAW-BER-ITAS, potato chips, and steroids.

* My daughter is so competitive that in order to break a record on one of the rides at the church festival (in which you ride in a cage and build momentum to flip over the top) she came home on Friday with the biggest blisters I’ve ever seen. About 17 of them. On Saturday, I did what any good mom would do and taped up her hands ala Rocky so she could take another shot.

* I leave for Chicago in two days and I have roughly 8,000 tasks to complete. If you don’t see me for another week, you’ll know why. Don’t blame Bud Light. It’s only half their fault.


  • sisters from another mister

    OMGoodness … you need a hug!
    And I can deliver on Wednesday xxx

  • Brigid

    My friend posted a pic on FB tonight of an almost dead plant with a “Get Well Soon” balloon her 6YO stuck in the pot with it.

    (Be ready for the crying jag that will come when the steroids are over. Maybe you’ll be too busy to notice?)

  • Melisa

    Oh my.

  • vicki

    Just curious, how much apple cider vinegar do you drink every day and WHY???

  • Liz

    Now I was a Straw-ber-rita and chips; apple cider vinegar, not so much.

  • Shannon

    I so remember those cage thingies from our church festivals when I was a kid. I find it somewhat thrilling to know they are still around.

  • mare

    I want to know about the vinegar too. It is anti-inflammatory? What is the benefit? Readers wany to know.

  • twobusy

    My favorite part of that photo: CONTAINS ALCOHOL.

    (applies accurately to both Straw-ber-itas and Chicago attendees)

  • Dee Dee

    We were just telling our kids (21 & 18) about the “Cage Ride” at our carnivals when we were kids. I was trying to find a picture…they just couldn’t imagine. We spent a lot of time in those cages trying to get them to go over the top. I remember the rush of when we finally did. So fun! Enjoy Chi-Town. One of my very favorite places on Earth!

  • Melisa

    *waving* because, yeah, thanks. 🙂

  • AlisonH

    I’m so sorry for your friends’ loss. And wow what a week.

    Re Birkenstocks? Amazon has a couple of vendors in Germany: postage is high but prices are lower. And Amazon redeems Discover points now–meaning I just bought some Birks I absolutely love and they cost me zero actual dollars.

  • meleah rebeccah

    Good lawd – how exhausting.

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