Day 7 – Leave

posted by Momo Fali on November 7, 2013

Look, if you’re going to read this blog you’re going to have to put up with a leaf post every fall. It’s what I do. Though I must admit, I haven’t raked any of them this year. Not one. I’ve never been so happy to work overtime while my husband had a week off of work.

These two trees – oh, these trees – have been a nightmare for us. Sure, they’re beautiful and provide us with ample shade in the summer, but come fall? We are buried in their waste. You can get an idea of how tall the silver maple is by seeing it next to the garage. I couldn’t even get the top of the tree in the picture.

leaves 3

These are the 15 bags and trash cans my husband filled on Sunday; the fourth straight week of doing so.

leaves 1

Four days later our yard looks like this.

leaves 2

Does anybody want some firewood? If you have a chainsaw and a crane it’s yours.


  • Amie

    Methinks you need a mulching mower.

    We have exactly 2 trees on our property–a honey locust (teeny leaves that basically just disintegrate) and a catalpa (giant leaves that all fall at the same time and are super easy to rake up). If we could train our neighbors’ trees to keep their leaves off our lawn, fall would be a cakewalk for us.

  • Tracie

    I always feel a little (okay, a LOT) sad that we don’t fall down here in Florida. But I certainly don’t envy y’all with all of that raking work. Whew.

  • Mama D

    Wow. I’ve never been so glad to have mostly evergreens around my house!! I love the fall colors, but that looks like a lot of work…

  • Arnebya

    Is it bad that we don’t rake? Or blow? I mean, eventually, yes, my husband does (and then the kids and I go jump in the pile, then run back into the house because we are evil and what’s he gonna do about it) but for the most part? The leaves stay. I know we need to stop this, primarily because once it snows on top of the leaves? NASTY.

    And thank you for this. I’d been waiting. Is that weird? I looked at the leaves in my backyard and it dawned on me, I bet this is nothing compared to Momo’s yard HEY WAIT.

  • Meleah Rebeccah

    “These are the 15 bags and trash cans my husband filled on Sunday; the fourth straight week of doing so.”

    OY VEY!

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