posted by Momo Fali on May 20, 2014

I burst into tears at a birthday party last night.

Either this means I have to increase my Zoloft again, I’m really upset about my friend turning 40, or I am extremely worn out. I’m going to go with the latter, though I am almost 43 so I may be secretly bitter about my young friend.

My husband and I used to work with a guy whose accent made him say, ‘tired’ like ‘tarred’. Folks, I’m tarred. Really. It’s like I’m swimming in the hot, thick, black goo that we coat our driveway with. I’ve been out of town four weekends out of the last six, I just came out of the second busiest part of my work year and am heading like a speeding bullet into the busiest, and who can forget this?


There has been so much more going on that I won’t list here, but I literally don’t even know what day it is; I sent a company-wide email today declaring that it was Monday. For your information, and mine, it’s Tuesday. I think.

So, if you see me and I look like a zombie it’s because I am. Please be gentle with me, give me a pat on the back, tell me it will be okay, that I’m doing a good job in the midst of this chaos, and for CRYING OUT LOUD buy me a drink and send me to bed. I’m begging you.

Even if I can’t do it as cute as that puppy can.


  • Melisa

    You’re pretty cute though. And you know you can call me anytime. xoxoxo

  • Leigh Ann

    You’re doing a good job.

    And I hope I get to see you at BlogHer.

  • Mel

    Sure! I will buy you a drink on Thursday!!!! Can you hang in there until then?

  • Arnebya

    It will be okay, you’re doing a good job in the midst of this chaos. And puppies make life better.

  • Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

    ((hugs)) to you. Burnout is no fun. Try and make some time for you. And jeez, I don’t know why you’re so busy, I mean not like you had anything busy going on. HA, you’re kind of my hero after last weekend! I can’t even imagine.

  • Shannon

    OMG that puppy. Sending you (and your scrumptious four legged friend) hugs from afar.

  • AlisonH

    That sweet puppy’s face could cure a lot of ills right there. Take good care of yourself, hon–and remember that tarred is the only right way to say it anyway. Actually, we get it somewhere between the a and the i, but then my California-born kid would say eh with an ah sound, more like blast your heart than bless your heart.

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