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My Favorite Things – Spring Edition

posted by Momo Fali on March 13, 2012

The sky is blue, birds are chirping, and that can only mean one thing…it’s time to shop!

Because I believe in full disclosure, I will tell you that none of the following were provided by companies or sponsors and I am not being paid for my opinions on these items. I should also be clear and state that I am not above being paid for said items. Just sayin’.

Without further ado, here is my list of favorite things for spring!

1. Corona Light

Okay, I like this all year through, but on a sunny day when the mercury hits 72 degrees, this beer starts yelling for me to come get it out of the refrigerator. It’s true. It screams, even.

2. Softball

My daughter’s favorite sport and my favorite to watch, maybe because we sometimes take a cooler (see #1). The only other sport she plays now is golf, which is also fun as long as I have a cart (see #1 again).

3. Flip-Flops

I have more flip-flops than you can imagine. I have flip-flop issues. Also, handbags. And, Corona Light.

New Balance Flip Flops from Famous Footwear

4. Flameless Candles

I love sitting outside amidst candlelight, but the wind doesn’t always cooperate. These look just like the real thing, but they run on batteries. Ha ha! Take that, wind!

Gerson Company Candles from

5. Portable Fire Pit

We have two of these and they both came with removable bowls that can be used for ice, so you can either use it as a firepit (s’mores!) or as a place to ice down your drinks (see #1).

Odesa Firepit from Target

6. The Dhara Dress from Athleta

Wear it with aforementioned flip-flops, flats or Chuck Taylors, a cardigan or a jean jacket. This dress is soft, comfy, flattering and versatile. Need I say more? No, I need not.

7. Schick Quattro for Men Razor

First of all, yes, it’s for men. Men’s razors work better than women’s and when both sexes want to accomplish the same thing, I don’t understand why they see fit to market them differently. Bygones. I use this razor every single day and never get a nick. If you’re going to wear shorts or capris, you’re going to have to shave, and please…if you’re going to wear flip-flops, don’t forget the toe hair. There, I said it.

8. Blue, sparkly nails

I’m on a blue kick and a sparkly kick so this is the best of both worlds. With a blue base coat and this Revlon polish on top, my nails look like the color of the sky and they shine like the sun. Also, who likes clichés? *raises hand*

9. The ChickCAN Rack

Have you ever had beer-can chicken? It melts in your mouth and it’s as easy as drinking half of a beer (What? You have to!), sticking what’s left of it in this rack, then sitting a whole chicken on top. Rub in some seasonings, put it on your grill and you have a main dish that’s delicious. Plus, whole chickens are more inexpensive than buying breasts alone and you get more meat. Bonus!

Barbour ChickCAN Rack.

10. Cadbury Creme Eggs

If it weren’t for my doctor, I would eat my weight in these every spring. *shakes fist at milk chocolate*

Cadbury Creme Egg from

Thanks a lot, high cholesterol. Thanks a lot.

I’m Not Like You

posted by Momo Fali on June 16, 2011

So, there was this post on BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty page yesterday about authenticity and the things that make us stand out as individuals. I kept thinking about it, wondering what makes me unique. Other than my Lebanese nose (read: Jamie Farr), how am I different? It was harder than I thought to come up with a list of 25 things that aren’t typical.

I think women spend a lot of time trying to look like one another, but it is our unique traits that make us beautiful. Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m not going to stop dying my hair, but maybe I won’t worry so much about that darned chipped tooth.

1. I have big hands.

2. I have big feet. Size 11, to be exact. But, you know what? They’re pretty.

3. I hate to fly.

4. I hate to drive long distances almost as much as I hate flying.

5. I’m convinced I will die a tragic death. Probably in an airplane crash or a car accident.

6. I take Zoloft for anxiety.

7. Coffee, chocolate, peanut butter and beer are my four food groups.

8. I don’t mind all of the scars on my body, because they all have a memory associated with them. Good or bad. Even this one.

9. I shave every day. My legs, that is. I can’t stand the feel of hair against clothing. *shudder*

10. I save articles from magazines and newspapers for my daughter to read when she’s old enough to move out. Things that I hope will keep her informed and safe.

11. I think it is disgusting when people bite their nails.

12. I bite my nails.

13. I also pick at my cuticles constantly (see above re: anxiety).

14. I hate elevators.

15. And, carnations.

16. I am terrified of cats (not kittens, but the full-grown, sneaky, pouncing, scratchy kind).

17. I have a cowlick on the back of my head. In the 4th grade, I cut it off because it wouldn’t lay flat for school picture day. It looked delightful growing back.

18. I open my mouth and throw my head back when I laugh. Probably so everyone behind me can see my cowlick and everyone in front of me can see my fillings.

19. You know how people have those camping chairs in a bag that they lug to fireworks or their kids’ baseball games? Well, I still use a good, old-fashioned lawn chair. The kind with the interwoven straps.20. I’m good at painting walls and never need tape.

21. My musical tastes range from Joni Mitchell to Black Eyed Peas.

22. I’m tone deaf. Well, not really…because I can actually hear that I can’t carry a tune.

23. I constantly have songs stuck in my head and they will change at the drop of a hat. Someone says the word “prerogative” and it’s suddenly all Bobby Brown up in here. You’re welcome.

24. My favorite flavor of popsicle is banana.

25. I have a crooked smile.

Now it’s your turn. What makes you different boys and girls?


I know two ways you could be different…you could be the winner of a $100 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods courtesy of BlogHer and sponsored by Gatorade or the winner of a $100 gift card to Best Buy courtesy of BlogHer and sponsored by Samsung.

It’s a Gas

posted by Momo Fali on March 23, 2011

My kids have embarrassed me a lot.  I know it’s supposed to be the other way around and it’s possible that I have skipped in the supermarket and walked down the aisle at Home Depot with my hand in my husband’s back pocket just to get my tween daughter all worked up.

But, I have never turned their faces red in church.

A couple of weeks ago, my son not only applauded after the priest finished his homily, but my daughter also leaned over and whispered loudly, “Mom, your roots are really dark.”

But, even they can’t trump what my husband did in church when he went rummaging through my purse looking for mints and instead pulled out a package of Beano.

A Little Help From My Friends

posted by Momo Fali on February 7, 2011

I am not the healthiest person you will ever meet.  I have asthma, migraines, sinuses that drive me crazy from October to May, some strange auto-immune stuff going on and, on top of all of that, I don’t sleep much.  I am a blast at parties!  Call me!

I’m halfway kidding, because I am a blast (I’m modest too), but one of the worst things about being sickly is that your friends have to deal with it.

Sure, last year’s swine flu/pneumonia/suspected pulmonary embolism stopped my husband and his dad from leaving for a weekend trip and my mom was the one who rushed me to the emergency room when my doctor thought I was coming down with my SECOND case of viral meningitis, but it’s different when you have to put a friend out.

Like the time when I got a concussion a couple of years ago and my husband was out of town or when I went on my annual girls’ weekend and ended up with a migraine that made me so sick that I couldn’t keep my anti-nausea meds down.  I’m sure that watching me get IV drugs wasn’t on my friends’ lists of things to do when they were away from their kids for a few days.

But, maybe all of this happens to me for a reason.  Maybe it’s to show me that I have amazing friends, or to prove to the world that there really are good people who care about each other; or care for me…same difference.

In addition to being a creative outlet, a place where I have connected with other parents of children with medical issues, and being the board off of which I dove into a new line of work, blogging is a bonus because it has enlarged the group of people who would drive me to the hospital.

Photo courtesy of Mishelle Lane