Six Candles on My Blog Birthday Cake

posted by Momo Fali on June 26, 2013

Can you buy yourself a cake for a blogoversary? Because today’s my 6th and I kind of want cake. Six years and almost 900 posts; that’s a whole lot of crazy, right there. We all deserve some cake for that. Pie, too.

When I started blogging I knew nothing. NUTH-ING, as evidenced by my first post, which was actually my third post because I kept accidentally deleting it. My lack of tech knowledge was an embarrassment to geeks everywhere. Now I speak at conferences about social media analytics and the geeks are all, “You are our people. Come, let us show you Star Trek things.”

BlogHer Food '13

When I started blogging my daughter was eight years old, now she’s getting ready to start high school. If your small child is in the room, stop reading immediately and give them a hug. Hurry up, because before you know it they’ll be asking for the car keys.

I’ve written about a lot of death. I don’t want to write about that any more.

This space has seen me through a concussion, the swine flu/pulmonary embolism scare of 2009, surgeries for me and my son (he’s had three to my one; he’s such an over-achiever), anxiety, insomnia, a change to a vegan diet brought on by high cholesterol, and a colonoscopy. If you have a health question, just let me know. I’m like Web M.D., but in my case the “D” stands for disaster.

I have made unbelievable friends because of this blog; far too many to mention, actually. You know who you are. *fist bump*

Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of you who have read this blog and to my husband and kids for never minding that my head is buried in a computer screen. Thank you to BlogHer for being the catalyst to a major life change and for giving me an annoying level of confidence. And, thank you to the companies who sponsor me in this space. Each and every one of you are rock stars. Yes, YOU!

Now, I shall eat cake.


  • sassymonkey

    I think you totally deserve cake.

    • Momo Fali

      Thanks, Karen!

  • Liz

    Totally agree with Sassymonkey, don’t EVEN bother looking for a fork. Happy Blogiversary, Momo!

  • Melisa

    I guess I’ll be visiting here again later because of the BlogHer mention so THANKS FOR THAT, but I guess I don’t even care because it’s your blogoversary. Yay you! I thank my lucky stars you started blogging because if you hadn’t, we never would have met. <3

  • Caroline

    Congratulations, dahling! xoxo

  • Arnebya

    I raise my fist to bump in solidarity for longevity.

  • Headless mom

    Congrats! Love you!

  • tara

    You ABSOLUTELY deserve cake!! Actually, your husband should be designing up a masterpiece of a cake right now.

    I love that you deleted your first posts and now are part of the nerd club.

    Happy Blog Birthday!!

    • Momo Fali

      I like your idea! I shall tell my husband.

  • Laura in Little Rock

    Yeah, how do you turn down a tech geek that just wants to talk? If it’s about Frank Herbert, I’m there!

    So impressed, amazed and delighted you’ve made it 6 years. I realized this summer I’ll be married 13 years and my youngest is 12 years from college. Still… I can fathom 13 years marriage… empty-nest (hopefully) in 12 years. That’s just wrong and COMPLETELY unfathomable.

    Earlier this week, I was going to send you the “monkey fell out of the tree” joke, but someone beat me to it. I sent it to my sister instead.

  • Mr Lady

    Star Trek things are called Tribbles, jeez momo.

    I love your shit so hard, you don’t even know. Thank you for being here with us.

    • Momo Fali

      Girl. I’d poop sharks for you.

  • Tara R.

    Next month will be six years for me too. I remember meeting you at cre8Buzz. It’s been a roller coaster ride for sure. Hope to see you around for many, many more years.

    Cake is a definite must… with icing roses, and ice cream. Candles!

  • Alexandra

    Happy 6th anniversary. I am happy you started a blog, I am happy I found you, I am happy I started a blog and now have friends like you.

    One of the best things I”ve ever done in my life.

    xo I’ll look fo ryou in Chicago!!

  • Suzanne

    Congrats! I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months. I can totally relate – feeling way geeky these days and have been blogging since 2005- with more dedication in the last year or so. I just blogged about why i blog on blogher.Sorry I won’t be able to meet you and all the great ” BlogHers” in July. Too many days away from my daughter from Az to Chicago. Love your sense of humor! Congrats and here’s to many more years!

  • Melisa


    Hi again, ’cause you know…

  • Mare

    I agree, you deserve cake! And pie! And chocolate! And wine! This blogging thing can be draining and your posts are good all the time. I always check in. I love your dedication to your family, and your practical approach to life. Kudos to you, girl!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Hooray for cake! And congrats on six years of blogging! I have enjoyed EVERY SINGLE post you’ve ever written.

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