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posted by Momo Fali on November 17, 2016

I was looking for a picture last night. Not like the old days when you would pull out a photo album and flip the pages over – looking through, maybe, 50 images to find the one you wanted.

No, I was looking for a specific photo and couldn’t find it on my phone. It must be on Facebook, I thought. It wasn’t. I scrolled through thousands of pictures, but the one I wanted wasn’t there.

I cursed and moaned about technology. No one needs this many pictures! Why are they in all different places? My iPhone, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter…ohhhh, it’s probably on the blog.

So I came here to look, but what I found when I got here was not what I came looking for.


I haven’t been her for awhile and what I found as I scrolled through the categories were post after post that I don’t even remember writing. There are unbelievable memories here. I was laughing at witch penises, and how my son used to insult me, and how my son used to threaten animals. And, a whole lot of other things my son did.

I was reminded that children grow A LOT in nearly a decade of blogging. My daughter is getting ready to turn 18, for crying out loud! Also, I was right about this. I was also reminded that her talents are limitless.

What I found is almost 10 years of life documented. I found something I’m still passionate about even though it feels harder to write these days. I can’t write all the things I want to and that’s awfully hard, because I have a lot to say. My life, however, does go on. Beautifully, in fact. It’s time to start documenting that again.

I never found that picture, but I take back all the cursing and moaning I did about the technology in which it’s buried.

Long live this blog.

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  • Melisa

    Wait, so are you back or nah? 😉

    • Momo

      No promises, but I’m going to do the best I can!

  • Jennifer in Spring, TX

    I’m so glad that you are back ❤❤❤

    • Momo


  • Marianne

    We’ve missed you! Welcome back.

  • Karen meg

    Yes you’re back !!
    Isn’t it awesome what you’ve captured over the years? For me at times I feel like I’m reading about another person on my old blog. It also feels harder to write today.

  • Jessica

    Whenever you have the energy and the time and the right subject, write a blog entry and I’ll read it. That would be the contract I would set up for you if that was my role – you have such a wonderful natural voice and such a talent for writing. But you also have a tremendous weight of responsibility on you and I understand.

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