Momo Moments 2012

posted by Momo Fali on December 31, 2012

For the last two years, I have done year-end recaps. I like traditions, so here you go.

January – It took me 11 days into the new year before I got my mind right.

February – St. Valentine’s Day Catholic Cliff Notes taught my readers so much. And by so much, I mean nothing at all.

March – My little boy got to meet his favorite big star when Ree came to town.

April – I came out of the vegan closet then I went to the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop in Dayton and left with cheeks that were cramped and sore from laughing so much. We also said goodbye to our sweet dog, Blue and my husband fixed the microwave.

May – I responded to the numerous people who ask me for blogging advice. It’s cute how they think I know what I’m doing! And, I can’t forget the milestone my son hit.

June – I traveled to Seattle for BlogHer Food and I looked back at the days when my kids loved each other.

July – Things were exposed. I’ll leave it at that.

August – I got addicted to a new app and took a trip to NYC for BlogHer ’12.

September – We found out what my son would say if his dad died.

October – I rambled, and I reflected.

November – I attempted to blog every day, but failed. We lost my cousin and that was really the only thing that mattered.

December – I ended the year like I started it, by getting my mind right.

Bring it, 2013. I’m ready for you.


  • Liz

    Happy New Year, my friend. *clink-clink* Here’s to more Momo moments, with less #FUBAR, in 2013.

  • Melisa

    What Liz said! xoxoxo!

  • Mama D

    Here’s to a year started and ended in your right mind, and wishing you more of it in 2013! 😉

  • Mom Off Meth

    Happy New Year!

  • meleahrebeccah

    Great minds, think alike. I’ve been doing the exact same “recap” for the past few years too!

    Happy New Year, my darling friend!

  • Arnebya

    Happy New Year! (In my Frosty voice.) I am so ready for 2013. So very ready.

  • Melisa

    Consider this BlogHer mention TRACKED.

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